Interview with Jess & Shea – Toucan

Interview by Lauren Sherritt
Shortly after their stellar performance at the Gold Coast Big Day Out, Jess & Shea of Sydney two piece Toucan sat down with our Lauren Sherritt (LS) for a quick chat.

Lauren Sherritt: Shea and Jess, you’ve kind of got gender ambiguous names! Do people have to check who is who?

Shea: They do!
Jess: People have to check sometimes.

For readers, Jess is our lovely lady and Shea the handsome gent.

LS: So, how’s Big Day Out going for Toucan so far?

Jess: Really, really good! We’re having the best time, we’ve had good crowds and it’s such an exciting thing to be a part of. Obviously being able to mix with the other musicians is a big part of it for us, just being able to be around and talk to all these other great bands. Also touring with the festival and playing around the country in different cities is a great opportunity.

LS: Is there anyone you have really enjoyed seeing so far?

Shea: Definitely Delta Spirit.
Jess: Yes!
Shea: We saw them and they play a phenomenal set. They are great musicians.

LS: And anyone you would like to have seen that you haven’t yet? Do you hang around each day after your set?

Jess: I did stay in Sydney.
Shea: I didn’t as much. It was hot!
Jess: It was really hot in Sydney! We’re hoping to see as much as we can.

LS: Is there anything you wear in particular for your shows, any particular ‘Big Day Out outfit’? Any superstitions?

Jess: Not really. We’re not really hung up on what we wear and that kind of thing, we’re not really fashionistas! I am very lucky in that sometimes people send me stuff to wear.
Shea: Boat Shoes. I really like boat shoes on stage, I always wear a pair.

LS: Well you’ve got to be comfortable.

Shea: Exactly.

LS: Does your show change playing to a big audience like this, at such a big festival?

Shea: I think every show is different; you’ve got to approach things differently.
Jess: I don’t think we plan too much what we’re doing; we concentrate on playing our best.
Shea: Yes. If you’re playing good music, if you’re doing the best you can, then that’s all you can do. The audience seems to respond to that as well, when you’re being authentic and playing your hardest.

LS: So what’s next in 2013 for Toucan, how do you hope to ride the wave of Big Day Out?

Shea: Well, we’ve just released our new EP Swim which is really exciting. We’re in the middle of working with that, obviously touring with Big Day Out is great, and continuing the process we’ve started for the year.

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