Interview with James Brown of Pulled Apart by Horses

Pulled Apart by Horses are heading to Australia in October for a string of headline East Coast shows in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. We caught up with the band’s lead guitarist James Brown for a chat.

Hi James, your heading to Australia in October 2015. What can punters expect from your live shows?

A large vast explosion of pure adrenalin which can be seen for miles all across the outback……. well, maybe not that to be fair, but we are super excited to finally be coming back over to Australia again. Never fails to be awesome when we come out. Love the place.

You’ve toured Australia a number of times, tell us a little of those experiences?

We’ve been out twice before, once when we toured our first record where we played three headline shows and Golden Plains festival in Meredith which was an incredible first experience of Australian crowds and music lovers. After that we did Soundwave Festival a year after the second album which was mind blowing fun as we got to hang out with our good friends Biffy Clyro who were also performing each day. I went cycling up the Gold Coast in Melbourne with a hangover halfway through Soundwave and ended up on a drip in a medical tent with sun stroke the next day. Brits abroad.

Having played many festivals around the world along with your own headline shows, do you prefer playing the festivals or the more intimate venues?

They are two totally different beasts in my opinion, each with their own merits, so its always hard to pick between the two. The thing about intimate venues is seeing peoples reactions and the whites of their eyes which you don’t necessarily get on big main stages, but I also love hearing the sound and crowd on the bigger ones and having the freedom to jump around like an idiot. Really can’t decide I’m afraid!

Your latest album ‘Blood’ has gained critical acclaim. For the uninitiated, how do you describe your sound?

We really felt quite flattered by the reaction to ‘Blood’, its always so scary putting out a new record and waiting to hear what the press say. But if I’m totally honest I’m more concerned about what our fans say these days. I’d describe our sound as Alternative Rock, but that is proper boring, so I’ll go with Adrenalin Riff Core.

What influences your music these days?

I’ve found of recent a lot of films and soundtracks have been giving me ideas, even video games from time to time. I think finding influencing from purely bands and artists can be quite limiting in terms of broadening your horizon of new original ideas. I’ve been watching the TV series ‘True Detective’ recently and that inspired me to write a new song that sounds absolutely nothing like anything I’ve ever written which might not get used, but its still healthy to do stuff like that. It might inspire another song or we’ll find a part with it which suits a different track

Is there anything you would like to say to your fan base ahead of the October tour?

Be prepared for lots of hair, sweat and hopefully not too much blood.

Quick Questions:

:: What track changed your life ::
Radiohead – Paranoid Android

:: Biggest influence ::
Radiohead / The Jesus Lizard

:: Favourite Quote ::
‘Get the fuck off my penis’ Elton John

:: Three words to describe the last few years ::
Painful, incredible, heightening

:: Three words to describe the year ahead ::
Lyrics, songs, hardwork

Pulled Apart By Horses announce their return to Australia – October 2015
Wednesday 28th Oct Dr Martens Party, Sydney
Thursday 29th Oct Crowbar, Brisbane
Friday 30th Oct Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne
Saturday 31st Oct Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne