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Review: Kenada Quinlan

Interpol - InterpolInterpol – Interpol
  Established in 1997 and with only 4 albums under their belt to date, Interpol have decided to go it alone for the self-released and self-titled 2010 offering. Kick starting with ‘Success’, the New York based quartet delightfully introduce their brand of Indie that over the years has refused to shift in any fashionable sense.

The next step of ‘Memory Serves’ is an atmospheric, thumping masterpiece that captures loneliness and loss with beauty and an infectious groove. The vocal line “You don’t have say that you’d love to – but baby please that you want to – some day…” resonating far passed the song’s inception.

The off-kilter latter beats of this composition making way for ‘Summer Well’ – a more spritely drum and piano medley. Breaking into an uplifting yet damning verse of harmonies, vocalist Paul Banks inviting drones raise precisely on time for a hop, skip and jump to graceful emotional ruin.

‘The haunting of ‘Lights’ strays into a journey of self-criticism. The rolling rhythms and clashing timings complimenting each other every step of the way, before ‘Barricade’ displays its lustrous spirit. The melodic line of “Full speed, half blind – Full tilt, decline” engaging the senses to follow through to the next curious stage. ‘Always Malaise (The Man I Am)’ serves as a warning to any victim of a lover’s manipulation – the fear exposed by the carefully placed lyrics that echo intentional moves of the passive aggressive.

‘Safe Without’ builds the tension once more with a flighty guitar riff that picks up to throw down misery and realisation of a positive loss by harping from string-instruments to richly toned patterns. Channelling PJ Harvey ‘Try It On’ is a toxic tune of hate that uses all techniques at their disposal to create another charming interlude of bitterness. The finale of ‘All Of The Ways’ and Spanish spoken ‘The Undoing’ close without a hint of hope.

Expertly twisting the negative into the positive, Interpol produce a recording that can be proudly displayed in your alternative collection.

Artist: Interpol
Album: Interpol
Soft Limit/Cooperative/Shock Records

Review: Kenada Quinlan


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