Helen Shanahan releases new single and video ‘I Only Hide’

Helen Shanahan 2017
Helen Shanahan has announced the release of her stirring new single, I Only Hide. In I Only Hide, Helen offers considerate comfort to those who suffer from anxiety; a comfort that only true empathy can provide. The song is fittingly accompanied by an honest and heartfelt video, featuring the pertinent storyline of ‘the two Helens’ and was produced in collaboration with Danny Martin and Elliot Smith of Villanova Music (Tim Minchin). Helen will play a coveted slot at the Perth International Arts Festival on March 4, 2017.

With the classic country feel that only a recording trip to Nashville can procure, I Only Hide is melancholy, sprawling, and driven by an undeniable guitar riff. The arrangement is immersive and considered; strings and persussion intertwine, allowing precious space for the melody to breathe. Because for all this, Helen’s effortlessly skillful vocal is the unassailable feature. I Only Hide was recorded in Nashville and produced by Brad Jones (Missy Higgins, Bob Evans, Melody Pool). Reflecting on the track, Helen says, “I wrote the song when I was feeling overwhelmed with the idea of performing and feeling safest in the comfort of my own home. The song is about how I felt I needed to hide myself for fear of being judged- be it in the music community, or in social situations. The social and performance anxiety was what really compelled me to write this. It’s hard to talk about, but somehow easier to sing about!”

The film clip solidifies this theme with class and understanding. Filmed in the beautiful backdrop of a rural property in Nannup, Western Australia, the clip for I Only Hide describes the relationship between introversion, anxiety, and the frustration that accompanies the desire to transform into a more outgoing person. Helen explains, “The concept was based around the idea of ‘two Helens”. One Helen was what we called ‘outside’ Helen, and the other ‘inside’ Helen. ‘Outside’ Helen encompassed the parts of me that were positive, free and fearless. ‘Inside’ Helen showed the parts of me that felt fearful, isolated and negative. We wanted the ‘outside’ Helen to be coaxing ‘inside’ Helen out of the house and into the light.”

Helen will bring her unswerving vocals and intimate performance style to select exclusive shows in Perth across February and March of this year. The Telstra Road To Discovery winner is looking forward to the release and these upcoming performances, as she enthuses “It feels both exciting and nerve wracking! It was such a wonderful experience getting to record it in Nashville, and I was so happy with the finished product. However there’s always a sense of anticipation when you release something new, as you hope people are going to like it!”


Tickets available from https://perthfestival.com.au/