Coaster Festival returns in 2010!

  Some kids get a clown, others get a pony, and some even get a jumping castle in the backyard…at Coaster, they thought they might shake and spice things up a little. After much deliberation, they just felt ponies and clowns were never going to cut it, so they have enlisted the talents of some of the finest international and local musicians to celebrate their third birthday.

Coaster would like to extend the invitation to a select few thousand of you to come and join our party.

Date: September 25th 2010
Venue: Gosford Showground, Gosford NSW
RSVP: Tickets available from


and more to be announced.

Tickets on sale July 1st 2010, we sold out last year and had a great time, get in quick so you don’t miss out.

Now for some more details on our special guests:

CYPRESS HILL has long represented the will of the people. With over 18 million albums sold worldwide, the Los Angeles trio of rappers B –Real, Sen Dog and producer DJ Muggs have continued to push rap’s boundaries since their inception in the early 90s. With their eponymous debut album in 1991, B –Real and Sen Dog established themselves as one of rap’s most potent duos. Their creative phrasing, distinctive voices and graphic subject matter, coupled with DJ Muggs’ atmospheric, piercing and dusty beats, propelled the trio to international superstar status. In 2010 Coaster will bring this seminal trio to Gosford, who would have thought!

Fresh from cleaning up at the WAMI’s last month, BIRDS OF TOKYO, will bring their beautifully expressive, textured, sounds to Coaster in 2010. Birds Of Tokyo’s music is universal and incredibly humanistic. In what could be described as the blink of an eye, the band have struck a nerve in their homeland, giving way to an unprecedented rise to popularity. Stunning live shows, solid albums and multiple singles have paved the way for this hard rock outfit to break through barriers and gather a sizable fan base, mainstream acts can only dream of. With a brand new album, Birds Of Tokyo come to Coaster with a set list of new songs to mix with all the favourites.

The only summer festivals in 2009 that ART Vs SCIENCE didn’t blitz were the ones they didn’t play. The local trio have become a staple festival favourite thanks to their consistent delivery of high energy live sets, packed with hit singles and loads of crowd participation. Pumping out brand new tunes, they will bring a touch of French infused pop to the Coaster line up for their first festival appearance in half a year.

Those naughty boys of pop BLUEJUICE will no doubt find some excuse to bring an element of nakedness to Coaster this year. Self proclaimed fibbers, they will be hitting Coaster with a brand new album. Bluejuice have performed sell out shows across the country, sold loads of record, gathered ARIA nominations, and received radio love from stations across the country, not a bad resume….if you choose to believe it. True or false…they get the party started wherever they play? True!

Touted as Australia’s newest super group, BASEMENT BIRDS can’t decide if they’re more like The Travelling Wilburys, The Highwaymen or The Three Tenors, but one thing is sure – they’re none of those. They’re Basement Birds, a unique teaming of four of Australia’s premier singer/songwriters within the one group, and they make their debut festival appearance at Coaster 2010, with a debut album in hand. Kevin Mitchell (Bob Evans), Josh Pyke, Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe) and Steve Parkin (Auto Pilot), come together to deliver a mixed tempo collaboration that swings between pop and rock, on a chain of folk.

Los Angeles alt-rockers SILVERSUN PICKUPS will leave their American autumn to join the Coaster party with their first ever Grammy Award nomination in hand for their latest LP ‘Swoon’, their follow up to the hugely successful debut Carnavas. Known for their grandiose sweeping, creepy, romantic tunes, the quartet will bring a dose of distorted guitars, and bohemian harmonies to the table.

Hailing from the Blue Mountains, CLOUD CONTROL are without a doubt the current ‘It’ band of the Australian indie scene. Their alternative pop tunes have been rapidly infecting ear canals of people around the globe, and by rapid, we mean rapid. Not so long ago they were floating around the passages of Triple J’s Unearthed, and this week, their new album ‘Bliss’ has been crowned with the glory of a Triple J feature album.

While the mention of their name often invokes raised eyebrows and amused smiles among the uninitiated, Brisbane four-piece HUNGRY KIDS OF HUNGARY produce music that inspires equal measures of curiosity and joy. The band have wasted no time in carving out a name for themselves in the Australian music scene, dressing their immaculate indie tunes with a healthy dose of 60s pop sensibility and lashings of soul.

From the moment you first hear BOY AND BEAR, you’ll know this is something special, something different. Rich harmonies, music that breathes, songs full of unexpected twists, turns and a sophisticated timelessness that sits outside of their 20 or so years on earth. Hard to accept that the only thing they have to sell on their current sold out tour, is their debut 5 track EP ‘With Emperor Antarctic’, world domination will most likely result when they release their debut LP.

Dubbed the ‘voice of Generation Y’ and hailing from Melbourne, ILLY brings his melodic acoustic driven beats to the Coaster stage in 2010. The newest member of the Obese family, Illy is following his label mates to the top of the hip hop ladder, becoming one of the most exciting hip hop acts in the country.

Sydney duo SPIT SYNDICATE have left behind the hype and buzz of their ARIA-nominated debut, and handed over the long awaited second album, ‘Exile’, a release that has contributed to their standing as tastemakers in Australian hip-hop. After a hiatus dotted by real life, touring and overseas travel, Spit Syndicate return with a rich, progressive sophomore album replete with groove, substance, and the pair’s trademark sleek aesthetic. Another star from the Obese family, they arrive on the Coaster stage with their notoriously high energy live show.

Taking on the human forms of Vance Musgrove, a mad scientist slash male prostitute and Mikah Freeman, a truck driving ex-action hero, they formed an ultimate plan to enslave the human race by capturing the consciousness of the worlds youth with mind altering soundwaves. THE ASTON SHUFFLE constructed a music studio from discarded Game Boys, laser disc players and Superstar Celebrity Microphones, drawing their power from Earth’s main energy sources such as ‘alcohol’ and ‘nicotine’. Needing no sleep, they worked day and night on their sonic apocalypse planning to destroy the planet one dance floor at a time. In September they will come to destroy Coaster, don’t miss it!

We may as well tell you about THE HOLIDAYS while you have your dancing shoes on, they too hit Coaster off the back of releasing a brand new LP. Summer’s throes may have vanished but the band has emerged from their Sydney studio with another sun-drenched tune that channels warm nights and cloudless skies. ‘Golden Sky’, blends wild percussion, sing-a-long chant choruses, falsetto vocals and squawking guitars into an action packed, yet equally sublime journey and consolidates the band’s foray into an exciting new direction that genuinely stakes their claim as one of the most exciting new bands in the country. Hear it, with a bunch of other equally sublime tunes when they play for you at Coaster.

From the sleepy beachside town of Umina, NSW SLOW DOWN HONEY have spent their teen years writing, jamming and playing small seaside pubs and private parties. Their debut EP ‘In the Picture’ released last year unleashed a crackling, electric blend of catchy melodies and layered harmonies that find an unexpected meeting place in the sounds of Elvis Costello, The Cars and Wilco, with a good measure of the Clash thrown in to speed things along. 2009 saw them supporting the likes of Something With Numbers, Razorlight, Gin Wigmore & Fall Out Boy. The boys are currently recording their début full-length album to be released late 2010. They might be relatively unknown to the wider music community, but in Coaster territory Slow Down Honey are local heroes!

Lead singer of THE CHEMIST, Ben Witt, has already begun to make a name for himself as a singer, a songwriter and phenomenal guitarist in local hometown Perth. Teaming up with fellow music students, Hamish Rahn, James Ireland and Elliot Smith to create ‘The Chemist’ while at the Conservatorium in WA, they are the first signing on Eskimo Joe’s new label Dirt Diamond Productions, their debut EP ‘The Wolves’ Howls Shatter The Old Glass Moon’ is out now.

Adelaide’s skinny jean synth rockers CITY RIOTS spent 2009 touring through America and the United Kingdom while basing themselves in Chicago to record their debut LP, due to be released just in time to showcase on the Coaster stage. The Triple J Unearthed Artist of the Year winners have graced the stages of festivals around the world and have drawn rave reviews from critics at SXSW in 2010 who were suitably impressed by their saucy attitude…we are too, that’s why we put them on the bill.