Who What Where with Tim Kent of Los Capitanes

  “Los Capitanes is a controversial and turbulent new-age love story; like Sid and Nancy, Kurt and Courtney, or Bert and Ernie. Kent describes the band as ‘a sexless marriage, except with heaps of sex.’ Essentially, they are the sonic equivalent of the best, loudest, and most irresponsible and enthusiastic sex you can imagine…” Los Capitanes – Facebook

Life Music Media asks Los Capitanes vocalist Tim Kent –
Who, What or Where is your favourite…

DJ ::
Prefuse 73

Live Act ::

Album ::
The Blue Album by Weezer

Track that changed your life ::
Badfish by Sublime

City to play in ::

Actor ::
Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Movie ::

Gadget ::

Food ::
Frozen Mint Peas

Los Capitanes 02 You (feat. me) at LifeMusicMedia

Los Capitanes – you (feat. me)
Los Capitanes at Facebook