Who What Where with Owen Penglis of Straight Arrows

  Straight Arrows formed almost 3 years ago in a Sydney wasteland. Initially finding trouble and frustration with regular venue operation, Straight Arrows began a 4 month residency in a small space above notorious (and now shut-down) gay bar The Newtown Hotel that culminatined in the release of their debut 7” record. Since this point the band have… Continue reading about Straight Arrows here.

LifeMusicMedia asks Straight Arrows main man Owen Penglis –
Who, What or Where is your favourite…

DJ ::
Whoever in the band actually bothered to make a compilation cd for the tour.

Live Act ::
I saw King Khan and BBQ throw food all over the opera house a couple months ago. That’d ruled! Lou Reed was falling asleep up the back of the room on a chair throughout. Otherwise the Mummies or Billy Childish.

Album ::
Os Mutantes’ first

Track that changed your life ::
Louie Louie!

City to play in ::
Houseparty anywhere! Or Canberra. Really.

Movie ::
Any shitty punksploitation film, especially if it’s got ‘punk’ zombies. Return of the Living Dead!

Gadget ::
Fuzz pedal? Car? Internet? 7 inch record? Skynet?

Food ::
Pepperoni Pizza!

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