We All Want To! @ Brisbane Powerhouse, each friday during September 2009

We All Want To!   They’re fresh, they’re free and they’re moving in. WE ALL WANT TO

In 2007 Tim Steward, from Brisbane’s Screamfeeder, released a solo album and put a band together to play the songs live. Two years later they had written a whole set of new material and needed a new name. WE ALL WANT TO was born. All members swap instruments frequently which makes for a chaotic – but fun – live show.

Venue: Brisbane Powerhouse – Turbine Platform
Cost: FREE

Fri 4 September 2009 – 6pm
Fri 11 September 2009 – 6pm
Fri 18 September 2009 – 6pm
Fri 25 September 2009 – 6pm