The Vines – “Metal Zone” (Official Video)

vinesIt’s an homage to the bands favourite distortion pedal plus a twisted, dark, raunchy, punk rock song about relationships. It arrives as the first single from The Vines’ forthcoming album “Wicked Nature”.

Like the guitar pedal namesake, there is a lot of psychotically soft-loud-soft dynamics happening in this new tune. “Metal Zone” is a straight up nightmare of freewheeling solos and screams from frontman Craig Nicholls, who jumps out of the song right before there is any time to get too familiar.

Nicholls has numerous musical gifts. One is to make deceptively simple sounding rock and roll full of melodic hooks and brutal, energetic noise. On “Metal Zone” it sounds like Nicholls has lost none of that verve whilst the world was off at a rave party.

Rock music is back and making a dirty smear again across the celebratory pastels of EDM. The Vines’ timing seems perfect. With “Metal Zone” they add to a growing choir of bands amped up, lyrics ready, and stage worthy.