The Real Underbelly: Mark “Chopper” Read – August 2009

The Real Underbelly: Mark “Chopper” Read

Mark Chopper Read   The Real Underbelly featuring Chopper Read Australia, it seems, has shifted from feeling embarrassment about its convict past to being proud of that criminal heritage. There is a fascination with people who buck the system in Australia and the huge success of the TV Show Underbelly has highlighted this genuine interest that we Aussies seem to collectively have with what, who and how Australia’s Underworld developed into the brand we hear so much about today.

Possibly the highest profile character in Australia’s Underworld is Mark Chopper Read. Chopper, a regular in Australian media headlines, has documented his experiences as part of the Real Underbelly in books, CDs, columns, interviews not to mention the Eric Bana movie Chopper – so well that few in Australia would not know the legend of Chopper.

Chopper tantalizes audiences worldwide with his spoken word show and shares his Real Underbelly experience in venues around Australia, Europe and the UK. Every person buying a ticket to Choppers show has a chance to get up close and personal with a man who has lived and breathed a part of our criminal heritage and lived to tell and retell the tale.

Choppers own words – “Most crooks end up dead and unknown. You walk through the shadow of the valley of death and you try to get to the other end alive. Very few people make it. I emerged alive, married, with a five year old son. The one who wins the game is the one who lives the longest.” Book a show and hear about stories of Australia’s notorious gangland history.

Witness The Real Underbelly at the following venues:
11/08/2009 – Narangba Valley Tavern – Doors Open 6:30 PM
12/08/2009 – Runaway Bay Tavern – Doors Open 6:30 PM
13/08/2009 – Redcliffe RSL – Doors Open 6:30 PM
14/08/2009 – Hotel LA – Doors Open 6:30 PM
15/08/2009 – Fitzy’s Loganholme – Doors Open 6:30 PM
16/08/2009 – Kings Beach Tavern – Doors Open 6:30 PM