The Bank Holidays “Sail Becomes A Kite” CD Review

Review by: Victoria Nugent

  When listening to sophomore album Sail Becomes A Kite by The Bank Holidays, I couldn’t help but smile. The Perth band, made up of Nat Carson and Bekk Crombie on guitar, James Crombie on bass and Stuart Leach on drums, clearly has a talent for producing delightful indie pop. The songs on Sail Becomes A Kite are largely reflective and sweet, with buoyant moments shining through as well. There’s a reason why this band are considered Perth’s pop darlings, producing some amazing, highly enjoyable music.

‘Tripping Up To Fall In Love’ is a mournful sounding love song that somehow feels like it jumps right into the middle, launching straight into hymnal sounds with the occasional glockenspiel for punctuation.

‘Save Silence’ combines thoughtful lyrics with brilliant harmonising and great musical elements, including a strong beat and a smattering of clapping. ‘The Motif’ features slow piano that really makes the song, which sounds solemn and almost dreamlike.

‘His Majesty’s Voice’ is a quirky upbeat tune, with a unique but catchy chorus. ‘Particles’ is a melancholy track with beautiful, clever lyrics about a “girl well versed in the art of sleep”.

Title track ‘Sail Becomes A Kite’ is a short, sleepy-sounding song that seems like filler more than anything, but it’s immediately followed by stand-out track ‘Oxford Street’. It’s cheerful, infectious and sounds like a classic 1960s pop song.

‘Gravity’s Playthings’ is a cute and contemplative song, complete with whimsical sounding glockenspiel, acoustic guitar and drum beats designed for emphasis.

With songs like these, it’s hardly surprising the band won the Western Australian Music Industry Award for Best Indie Pop Group in 2007. What’s more, it’s clear with their talent for writing old-style pop, the only way for The Bank Holidays is up!

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