Take Five with Kate Nash – February 2011 [Q&A]

  The young Miss Nash has transformed into a powerful and enigmatic pop musician.

The upcoming performances at Playground Weekender and the east coast of Australia are going to be unmissable. A clever musician with a compelling persona – shes not afraid to show them how its done.

Take Five with Kate Nash… Touring in February 2011 (Show dates and tickets below)!

LMM – If it’s not your first visit is there anything you’re looking forward to seeing or doing in Australia?

  KN – I’m looking forward to the weather and going to see the animal sanctuary parks. Australia is a lot more relaxing than london.

LMM – What are your top 3 tracks you like to blast on the car stereo on a road trip?

  KN – Joan Jett – Bad Reputation
The Cribs – Moving Pictures
Jamie T- Back in the Game

LMM – Playground Weekender is Australia’s biggest fancy dress party – If you could come dressed as anything what / who would it be?

  KN – An Octopus or a Carrot

LMM – There’s tips, house boats and tents to choose from for festival go-ers. Any advice on the perfect campsite?

  KN – Nice neighbours, good weather, a tap, nice grass patch.

LMM – Are there any Australian bands you’re keen to hear more about, new bands that have hit your radar?

  KN – Crash Bandicoot, Rat Girl , and Alicia and the Pricks

Tour Dates:
Metro Theatre – Sydney, NSW – Wed 16 February, 2011

The Hi-Fi – Brisbane, QLD – Sat 19 February, 2011

Billboard The Venue – Melbourne, VIC – Fri 18 February, 2011