Take Five With… Kat Davidson

By: Pepa Wolfe
Take Five With… Kat Davidson

Over the next three weeks, The Sit Down Comedy Club is presenting Ladies Comedy Night, featuring some of the best stand up around, male or female! With the likes of Kat Davidson, Fiona McGary and Melinda Buttle serving up the laughs, the stage is set for rollicking good time.

Life Music Media caught up with the super sly, super tall, super funny Kat Davidson on eve of their first show.

:: Tell us a bit about Ladies Comedy Night. ::
Join Kat Davidson, Mel Buttle, Fiona McGary and some special guests for some laughs, some prizes and a great night. You don’t have to be a Lady to come along. There are three shows – June 15, 22 and 29, 2011.

:: Describe your fellow comedians Fiona McGary and Melinda Buttle. ::
Fiona Mcgary’s comedy is sharply observational, very warm and incredibly engaging. Mel Buttle has the whimsy of an only child with the observational power of a cat lady.

:: What is it like performing at The Sit Down Comedy Club? ::
It is a great club to perform in. The elevated stage means that you can see the comedians clearly and the sound quality is excellent. If you can see and hear us without having to work hard at it, half the battle is won. Having a room that is set up just for stand up and a staff who know how to make sure the audience are comfortable, well fed and happy makes for a great night all round.

:: Who is your favourite comedian? ::
Justin Hamilton. For the beauty and intelligence of his writing, the ability to make people
snort with laughter and have thoughts at the same time and his mentorship of comedians all
over the country.

:: Where do you find inspiration? ::
In people, in the odd little things that happen in the world and the resilience of the human
spirit. And cat videos. I am sill for cat videos.

:: What is your favourite type of heckler? ::
The silent type.

:: What is the most memorable production or performance you have seen?
Something that really inspired you. ::

My favourite comedy nights are the ones in intimate settings with comics who surprise the audience with their world view and make them snort with laughter. Michael Chamberlain at the Melbourne Comedy Festival did that. And I saw Sam Simmons make people cry with laughter recently.

:: Name a comic that you’d really love to support or tour with ::
Tina Fey, Adam Hills

:: Favourite recording artist? ::
That’s tricky.. The Decemberists, Robbie Williams and Missy Higgins.

:: Favourite album? ::
My ipod. Because I can never decide what to listen to.

:: Favourite food? ::

:: Favourite drink? ::
Anything with ginger in it. Or champagne

:: Favourite place? ::
My house

:: Favourite season? ::
Winter in Canada

:: Recommend a book ::
The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

:: Recommend a film ::
The Breakfast Club

:: Words of wisdom ::
Don’t get caught up in what others are thinking of you. They’re probably thinking about cats.

What’s next for Kat Davidson?
Gigs in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and lots here in Brisbane. Maybe a kitten.

By: Pepa Wolfe

Ladies Comedy Night kicks off tonight (15th June 2011) at The Paddo Tavern – Brisbane, with further performances over the next two weeks, on June 22 and 29, 2011.