Take Five With… Clayton and Lachlan Doley of Aussie soul band The Hands

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Take Five With… Clayton and Lachlan Doley of Aussie soul band The Hands

(Bluesfest 2011 Edition)

Interview: Pepa Wolfe

:: If you could join another band, who would you choose? ::
Lachlan: Oh… (thinks) There’s too many bands.
Clayton: Do they have to be alive?
Lachlan: I would’ve loved to have been in Tower of Power, I think,
when I was younger. That would’ve been amazing.
Clayton: That would’ve been pretty cool, yeah.

:: Which artist would you like to see perform at Blues Fest this year? ::
Clayton: BB King. The Funky Meters were pretty awesome

:: Favourite recording artist, or musician? ::
Clayton: Booker T & the MGs.
My favourite organ player in the whole universe – Brian Auger.

:: Favourite album? ::
Lachlan: Probably Graham Central Station – Release Yourself
Clayton: Yeah, that’s a good one.

:: What is the most memorable live performance you have seen?
Something that really inspired you. ::

Clayton: You know what? The very first one I saw was BB King.
I’m glad that I’m getting to see him tonight because, something like 20years ago we saw BB King…

Lachlan: Somewhere back in Adelaide
Clayton: …and that still, to my mind, was so amazing.
Lachlan: That was much better than my first concert. My first concert was John Farnham.

:: Favourite food? ::
Clayton: Hmm…
Lachlan: I don’t wanna say mine. I’ll say Chicken Chilli Basil!
Clayton: (laughs)

:: Favourite drink? ::
Lachlan: Water
Clayton: Definitely water.

:: Favourite season? ::
Clayton: Hmm… I guess, Spring.
Lachlan: Oh, I quite like Autumn. I like where we are.

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