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Live Review + Photo Gallery : Bluesfest Byron Bay 2016 – Day One

By Wanda Hill
Bluesfest Byron Bay 2016 – Day One - March 24, 2016 Photographer: Stuart Blythe
Day one and there is already too many choices. Who to see and where to be? The answer… a bit of everything and everywhere. Entering the festival site was made sweet with the sounds of Lord Huron paving the way for a relaxing night at Bluesfest 2016. The opportunity to leave the world of commitments behind and bathe in sweet music for five days is a pleasure that I am always grateful for and being spoilt for choice of which brilliant set of musicians to cast my ears and eyes upon, never gets old. I guess thats why Bluesfest has been going strong for 27 years and still finds new audiences by stepping out of the mould and bringing artists like Kendrick Lamar into the fold.
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Live Review : Bluesfest Byron Bay 2015 – Day 5

By Wanda Hill
Gary Clark Jr at Bluesfest Byron Bay 2015
Bluesfest Day 5

After nights of heavy rain it was stunning to have a beautiful sun shining day for the Bluesfest 2015 finale. The crowds had thinned, the earth underfoot had dried up a bit, and the feeling in the air was relaxed and easy. People were united in the agreement – its our last day here, let’s just chill and enjoy.
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Live Review : Bluesfest Byron Bay 2015 – Day 3

Bluesfest Byron Bay 2015 – Day 3

Bluesfest Day 3

By Wanda Hill

The rain came down as spirits soared lifted by music unfazed by the weather or mud underfoot. Day three was a bit wet but who really cares when your safe and dry listening to The Gypsy Kings surrounded by warm bodies all captivated by sounds that make you feel like you’re thousands of miles away in the warm Spanish countryside having a religious experience. Being transported by Spanish Romini elder Nicholas Reyes’s vocals in combination with the magical flamenco guitar of Tonino Baliardo, supported by younger cousins on vocals and guitars is a cultural experience everyone should have in this lifetime.
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Live Review : Bluesfest Byron Bay 2015 – Day 1


Bluesfest 2015 Day 1

Review by Wanda Hill

It’s that time of year again when thousands of music lovers make their way to Arakwal Country in the Byron Shire for the annual Easter celebration of all things blues, roots and beyond. It is such a lovely feeling to walk onto the extremely well prepared festival site knowing that there are five days of incredible artists from around the world to be enjoyed amidst a friendly crowd and delicious food.
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Live Review : Anathema at The Hi-Fi, Brisbane – 21 August 2014

Review by Wanda Hill
Anathema played their first ever Australian show to a welcoming and receptive audience at the HiFi Bar in Brisbane’s West End on Thursday night. Any doubts about their Australian fan base would have been quickly swept away as the crowd soaked up the power and intensity of their music and joined them in singing along with songs recently released as well as from albums produced many years ago. Yes Anathema, you have many fans here, and we hope you won’t wait so long to visit us again.
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Album Review | Anathema – Distant Satellites

Review by Wanda Hill
Distant Satellites – AnathemaSixty minutes of floating on beautiful melodies, intense emotion and powerful composition can be yours when you decide to listen to Distant SatellitesAnathema’s 10th studio album. This UK progressive rock band have carved their own unique blend of uplifting yet contemplative music that continues to inspire and attract new fans around the world. Their style has grown to embrace new influences while never really straying far from original inspirational sources such as Pink Floyd.

Distant Satellites features ten beautifully crafted songs that explore a range of states of being and experiences using sublime instrumentation, harmonies and vibrant vocals. The song’s transition well from one to another, providing continuity and an extremely pleasurable listening hour.
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Live Review: Soilwork @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane – October 2, 2013

Review by Wanda Hill
Photo by Amanda Brenchley

Soilwork launched their Australian tour in Brisbane last night at the HiFi bar in Westend. As you would expect, a sea of people clad in black were waiting to welcome this fine melodic death metal band from Sweden.

Soilwork are in Australia promoting their recent double album The Living Infinite. This high energy album has sold very well around the country and is a personal favourite of mine.

As the band entered the stage a roar went up in the crowd letting them know of the anticipation we all felt. The band looked very happy to back on our shores after a three year absence.

The show got underway revealing that these guys love performing and have awesome stage presence and connection with the audience. Everything looked great, the lighting, the artwork, the band members, but the sound was very disappointing. I was so excited about hearing songs from their new album live but was just devastated that the guitars were so soft in the mix and that everything but the drums seemed to get lost in the wall of noise. What was especially frustrating was that I could see the guitar solos being played with enthusiasm and style by Sylvain Coudret and David Andersson, but I just could not hear them.
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