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Tour News : CIRCLES ‘The Last One’ Australian & European Tour 2018

From the same fertile soil that has sprung some of the most ground-breaking acts in metal, rises the Australian progressive powerhouse CIRCLES. Combining djent influences with extreme metal, stadium-like riffs and soaring vocals, the band has always strived to expand their sound, placing them in a class of their own.
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Haley Blais – Seventeen (Official Video)

“Seventeen,” the new single off my Let Yourself Go EP, is an homage to my painfully average adolescence. Everyone goes through different phases growing up, trying to figure themselves out, and mine could easily be categorized as boring. I was lazy and dull with awful taste in music. Now, I’m in a band with my friends touring the country, playing the music that I love – as a job! That’s the opposite of boring to me. The video for “Seventeen” encapsulates how I’m exactly where I’ve always wanted to be.’ ~ Haley Blais

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Ben Wright Smith – “Storm Boy” (Official SoundCloud Stream)

Employing some rich 70’s guitar sounds with the uplifting, harmonic vocals that have marked releases through his career ‘til now, Ben Wright Smith has returned with brand new single ‘STORM BOY’. The Melbourne songwriter has been a strong favourite with live music fans over the years and as a recording artist, he has made waves both in Australia and overseas too – his songwriting has continued to flourish off the back of his acclaimed 2017 debut album ‘The Great Divorce’.
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Taylor Janzen releases debut EP, “Interpersonal” (Official Soundcloud Stream)

With her stunningly sparse melodies and minimalistic guitar riffs, 19 year old Winnipeg artist, Taylor Janzen may seem softly spoken, but her staggering lyrical narrative and deeply personal writing sends a resounding message. Today, the Winnipeg artist, who has garnered praise from the New York Times, releases her highly anticipated EP, “Interpersonal.”
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Champagne Superchillin’ Release LP “Beach Deep”

Somewhere between consciousness and the warm bath of sleep, life loses its mystery and dissonance. Here, enigmas untangle themselves, and conflicts melt like ice cream bars against our hot skulls; here, our dreams spin to life, strange and profound — frightening — to waltz with us, to lay down with us, to egg us on. This is the allure of sleep — not it’s restful slumber, not it’s offer of serenity, but the seductive intersection where our exhausted brains refuse to differentiate between reality and fantasy.
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