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Lozz Benson official video “What You Waiting For?”

“What You Waiting For?” is the latest collaboration between Lozz Benson and Ryan Hazell (The Fumes). This 90s inspired song was recorded as part of her “Sessions” Project, which has already seen her record and write songs with artists including Paul Kelly, Jeremy Davidson (The Snowdroppers), All Our Exes Live in Texas and Steve Smyth.
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Mat Zo new single and video of “Sinful”

mat zo
With last single ‘Soul Food’ premiering on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1, LA-based producer Mat Zo today shares latest single & video for ‘Sinful’ featuring British electronic three-piece I See MONSTAS. It’s the second release from his incoming album Self Assemble, set to drop on March 25th via Zo’s own label Mad Zoo.
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HEDGE FUND – Summer’s Getting Shorter Tour – March/April 2016

hedge fund
Aiming to carry on with the momentum created in 2015, Sydney-based indie-post-rock outfit Hedge Fund have just unveiled East Coast tour dates and premiered new single ‘Summer’s Getting Shorter’ via Indie Shuffle – Another DIY self-produced effort by vocalist Will Colvin at Free Energy Studios, Sydney.
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Cosmo’s Midnight – Hurt (feat. Sarah Bonito)

Bookending the year with one of the most anticipated releases of 2015, Australia’s most prolific producing twins, Cosmo’s Midnight have released their sophomore EP, ‘Moments’. Calling on their special friends to create an EP clad with the coolest of collaborations including the likes of Wave Racer and Lido, the next cut is delivered in the form of the bubbly J-pop inspired ‘Hurt’, featuring Sarah Bonito of Kero Kero Bonito.
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Owen Rabbit – New Single “Denny’s” + Tour Dates

Melbourne-based producer / multi-instrumentalist, Owen Rabbit, has just unveiled new indie-electronic cut ‘Denny’s’; the follow up from his breakthrough track ‘Holy Holy’, which received outstanding worldwide reviews and support earlier this year.
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HOUND release Debut Album ‘Dying in the Sun’ (Soundcloud Stream)

Despite the obvious ties to the Brisbane climate, ‘Dying in the Sun’ takes a little more of an existential route than the literal “dying in the sun” that you go through every summer in lovely Brisbane. The songs touch on some lightly nihilistic tendencies whilst attempting to steer clear of preachy, political manifestos. Although the final track, ‘Fair Shake’, touches on some quasi-political themes, lyrically Hound prefer to tap into ideas that can be connected with on a personable level. ‘God is Calling’, ‘Something Else’, and ‘Gamekeeper’ are good examples of this. A song like ‘Concrete’ on the other hand indulges in a stronger and more positive theme.

Track 2: Gamekeeper

The four members got to the point of being happy with the tracks, so they acquired local legend/tone king Sean Cook (Plutonium Studios) who hit record as Hound played around with as many pedals as they could find. What they ended up with are 10 songs that encapsulate a time in their lives that was equally exciting, crushing and dynamic.

Listen to the full album here!

Connect with HOUND at https://www.facebook.com/HOUNDBRIS

Audio Interview | Max Bemis – Say Anything – Mental Health in the Music industry and more

Interview by John Howarth

Max Bemis is the is the lead singer, primary composer and primary lyricist of the band SAY ANYTHING, as well as a founding member. Bemis is undoubtedly a tortured genius. His struggle with Mental illness is well documented and certain episodes have been recorded in the media. He has become somewhat of an advocate for Mental Health and has worked hard to get his condition under control. A recent dad with another little one on the way, family life has helped in his recovery. His devotion to faith is another reason Max has his life well on track. Say Anything are definitely a unique outfit and with their latest album ‘Hebrews’ he dropped ALL guitars in preference to strings and the outcome was stunning.
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