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Gabriel Iglesias, whose Australian tour late last year was a total sell out, is sending three of his favourite comedians to Australia for Comedians Of Gabriel Iglesias’ Stand Up Revolution World Tour. The three comics are stars of the Comedy Channel’s hit television series Stand Up Revolution. The tour features ‘the craziest men in show business’ – Martin Moreno, Lance Patrick and G Reilly.
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Live Review: Guy Pratt – Breakfast Of Idiots @ Sit Down Comedy Club

Guy Pratt – Breakfast Of Idiots @ Sit Down Comedy Club – 1st August 2009
by Lisa Lamb

Guy Pratt   The charming, witty and charismatic Guy Pratt is a far cry from the sullen, moody Roger Waters, former bass player of Pink Floyd, complaining about his apple pie crust on Live at Pompeii DVD. Gilmore must have thought it was heaven when Pratt joined the Delicate Sound of Thunder tour in 1987. Pratt was shocked when he played Brisbane to discover the BEC car park and surrounding areas where over run with cane toads and that people were playing golf with them while waiting for the gig. These and many more tales are covered in his book My Bass and other animals.

Pratt is a well known session bassist, working alongside some of the most successful musicians in history; Jimmy Page, Madonna, Michael Jackson (who you never actually saw), David Coverdale from White Snake and Robert Palmer, (just to name a few). He is also a songwriter, actor and comedian

and is in Australia doing a Spoken Word Tour which is like stand up comedy based on his amazing life featuring interludes of astounding bass playing. Called the Breakfast of Idiots after Robert Palmer‘s famous breakfast of choice – a cappuccino and a martini.
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Danny McGinlay – Food Dude

Danny McGinlay – Food Dude

This is one of the most unique and original shows in the festival, setting out to prove you don’t need to be a master chef, to be a food dude. Danny is a ball of positive energy and dynamic recipes you too can cook when you are drunk, and what surreal recipes they are like Party Pie Parmagiana, which appears to be a party pie fried in puff pastry with pasta sause or multi cultural sushi from the new world, which contains Twisties! Oddly enough Danny is so likable he convinces the audience to try his culinary delights, though some were so experimental only Brian the sound engineer, who looked suspicious;ly like he was starving, was game enough to taste it.
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