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Live Review : Mark Seymour & The Undertow at Melbourne Zoo Twilights w/ Ben Salter – February 20, 2016

Review by Ben Connolly
Photo credit: Maclay Heriot
Mark-Seymour & The Undertow_live_credit_maclay-heriot_041
Watching a legendary artist grapple with a formidable back catalogue can be a frustrating affair for a fan. It can almost be described through a stages of grief process: at first denial – burying the songs begrudgingly down the setlist in the hopes that newer works get due recognition. After that comes the anger – deleting songs from the setlist completely in a vain hope of erasing them from the collective memory. Bargaining and depression swiftly follow – where the artist reinvents or reworks the songs to placate the hordes. Audiences hold out for the last stage of acceptance, where the original brilliance of the songs are embraced and delivered with a straight bat.
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