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Interview : Ingrid Michaelson

Interview by Robert Pugsley
With Ingrid Michaelson visiting our shores for her sophomore tour this September *2012*, our Robert Pugsley asked Ingrid about her new album, television and what lies ahead.

LMM: So tell me about your new album Human Again – the writing process, the recording process, working with David Kahne and what you think of the final product?

Ingrid: David Kahne pushed me to really sing. He asked me why I never sang the way I sing live on recordings. It really sparked something in me and inspired me to write songs that vocally opened me up. And that in turn allowed me to open up in all other ways too. I am very proud of Human Again. I feel like I wanted to do something bolder and stronger and I did.
LMM: Human Again has charted well and has received positive reviews, E Weekly etc so are you happy with the reception it has received?

Ingrid: I try not to put too much value in reviews, positive or negative. I just want the people who buy my records and come to my shows to love it.
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Interview: Frankie Poullain – THE DARKNESS

Interview by Robert Pugsley
The Darkness, the glam rock, balls out quartet from Suffolk are coming back to Australia for the first time in 6 years and Life Music Media was able to catch up with bass player Frankie Poullain as he told us about their comeback, new material and a surprising approval of One Direction.

We started off asking Frankie about why The Darkness decided to reform after their fracturing and eventual drug induced implosion in 2006? Frankie exclaimed down the phone that it was “A sense of duty, we have a sense of duty to rescue people from getting their ears assaulted by vacuous soulless music”
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