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Live Review: Punkfest @ The Jubilee Hotel, Brisbane

Review: Bec

Handsome Young Strangers   A Punkfest comes with certain expectations: tartan, Mohawks, numerous safety pins as various fixtures, mad dancing, and fast – no very fast – angry music. You wouldn’t expect sea shanties, pirate ditties, old Celtic songs or a “Yo ho ho and a bottle of fockin’ rum!” But that was the musical fare served up at the Punkfest at the Jubilee Hotel.

It’s hard to describe the music because it seems to be a bit of…well, everything. At different times, you can hear rockabilly, hillbilly, the aforementioned pirate, and folk, but sung at serious speed, maybe, three or four times as fast. And that’s what makes it punk. The bands don’t sing about your punk staples like anarchy, anti-establishment and violence and there’s no real fuck-offs or fuck-yous; they sing about old bushrangers, shearing and courting a

girl in Belfast City. They don’t play your usual punk instruments – there are mandolins, fiddles, banjos, trombones, double bass, accordion, tin whistle, and even a lagerphone. They don’t dress like your typical punk bands – they wear ties with vests and your English working man’s cap; some look sea tug boat captains or your typical Aussie bushie.
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Live Review: Guy Pratt – Breakfast Of Idiots @ Sit Down Comedy Club

Guy Pratt – Breakfast Of Idiots @ Sit Down Comedy Club – 1st August 2009
by Lisa Lamb

Guy Pratt   The charming, witty and charismatic Guy Pratt is a far cry from the sullen, moody Roger Waters, former bass player of Pink Floyd, complaining about his apple pie crust on Live at Pompeii DVD. Gilmore must have thought it was heaven when Pratt joined the Delicate Sound of Thunder tour in 1987. Pratt was shocked when he played Brisbane to discover the BEC car park and surrounding areas where over run with cane toads and that people were playing golf with them while waiting for the gig. These and many more tales are covered in his book My Bass and other animals.

Pratt is a well known session bassist, working alongside some of the most successful musicians in history; Jimmy Page, Madonna, Michael Jackson (who you never actually saw), David Coverdale from White Snake and Robert Palmer, (just to name a few). He is also a songwriter, actor and comedian

and is in Australia doing a Spoken Word Tour which is like stand up comedy based on his amazing life featuring interludes of astounding bass playing. Called the Breakfast of Idiots after Robert Palmer‘s famous breakfast of choice – a cappuccino and a martini.
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Live Review: Timothy Carroll w/ McKisko + Kate Jacobsen @ The Troubadour 19 July 2009

Artists: Timothy Carroll, McKisko, Kate Jacobsen @ The Troubadour, Brisbane
Author: Stephen Goodwin

[Click image to view photo gallery]
Timothy Carroll
[Photo: Stephen Goodwin]
  About three songs into a typically inveigling set of back-porch country tunes, a perfect cocktail of illness, alcohol and painkillers prompts Kate Jacobsen to artlessly observe that her strum patterns all seem to be the same.

There’s an underlying hint of truth, yet it matters not a whit as an appreciative audience laps up Cane Farmer’s Daughter, Kiss Me Gently, Don’t Believe In Jesus and couple of new tunes as well.

Some things are greater than the sum of their individual parts — and Jacobsen’s plain-speaking fretwork, achingly sweet voice and poignant lyrics illustrate that in spades.

Folk-minimalist McKisko (aka Helen Franzmann) performs only eight songs. But what breathtaking advertisements for her talent.
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Live Review: LIAM GRIFFIN @ The Troubadour 12 July 2009

Review by Bec

Liam Griffin   Sunday night at The Troubadour is a casual affair. “When is it supposed to start?” asks the merch girl.

“About seven?” headliner, Liam Griffin suggests; seems uncertain.

It feels like solo artists, Liam Griffin, Mardi Lumsden and (very late ring-in), Cameron Elliott, have put on a party and are waiting nervously for friends to show. Sure, they’re not huge acts but they’re great local talent and deserve a good turnout.

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Live Review | The Butterfly Effect + Dead Letter Circus + Calling All Cars @ The Tivoli 10 July 2009

Review: Hannah Collins

The Butterfly EffectRecently returned from the UK, stand up Brissy, prog rockers Butterfly effect embark on yet another journey around Australia to promote their fourth studio album “Final conversation of Kings”.

Kicking off the first live show in a string of tours for The Butterfly Effects “Final Conversation tour”, a band of a smaller stature, not lacking in rock adjure, show Brisbane they can do it, and do it well. Calling All Cars, a three piece from Melbourne rocked it hard in the lead up to Brisbane’s Dead Letter Circus taking stage as the main support for one of Australia’s favourites.

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Photo Gallery : KARNIVOOL The ‘Sound Awake’ Tour at The Tivoli, Brisbane – 21 June 2009

Photographer: Stuart Blythe

KARNIVOOL The ‘Sound Awake’ Tour at The Tivoli, Brisbane – 21 June 2009
Photographer : Stuart Blythe

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Live Review: KARNIVOOL The ‘Sound Awake’ Tour @ The Tivoli, Brisbane – 21 June 2009

Review by Hannah Collins

Click image to view photo gallery

[Photo: Stuart Blythe]
   Sunday, 21st of June 09 now has a new meaning for the hundreds of crazed Karnivool fans that flocked to fill the Tivoli with a new level of Fandom, all waiting for 5 Perth boys to take the stage and fill the air with those live sounds we’ve all come to love.

With the new album, Sound Awake available to Australia as of June 05th, the tour has finally begun. Will sellout shows throughout Australia, the Brisbane Sunday second was nothing short of an opening nighter all unto itself.

Looking forward to hearing live, one of the most anticipated album releases of 09, the Tivoli is packed with die hard Karnivool fans old and new. All waiting to hear, what will be one of the first live shows demonstrating new songs from Sound Awake.

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Live Review: COG “Between Oceans” Tour @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane – 11th June 2009

Review by Bec

[Photo: Stuart Blythe]
   Cog fans are a loyal bunch. They’ll come up to you and tell you how great their band is. “Sold out. Melbourne Hi-Fi, and now here,” one fan tells me. (He waits until he sees me write this in my notebook.) They’ll bear the unusually cold Thursday night to happily wait in line. And they’ll keep coming back to see Cog live – for some fans this is their fourth or fifth gig. Little wonder, if you believe what another fan proclaims: “Best live band – ever”. That’s a pretty big call.

Certainly, Sydney-based Cog is a WYHIWUG (what-you-hear-is-what-you-get) band. If you love their CDs then you’ll love their live shows. No disappointment there. Lead singer, Flynn Gower’s vocals, like his stage presence, are deliberate, steady and enunciated. He’s obviously a dedicated musician as are other band members, Lucius Borich, on drums, and Luke Gower on bass who is extremely animated on stage.

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CD Review: The Little Stevies – Love Your Band

by Felicity Rennie –

The Little Stevies - Love Your Band    I am not convinced that the use of a rainstick (or a very convincing similar effect) in the opening strains of Sunshower, the first track and first single from The Little Stevies’ debut album Love Your Band, is a coincidence. An instrument noted for its relaxation qualities, it says a lot about the album that follows, which, like a rainstick, is carefully constructed, filled with surprise gems, and is unequivocally soothing. This is a strong, inspired debut from a very promising three piece.

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Review: Judith Lucy’s Not Getting Any Younger – Brisbane Powerhouse

judithlucy-small    Judith Lucy‘s Not Getting Any Younger
Review by Lisa Lamb

I was fortunate enough to first see Judith Lucy perform in the early nineties at the Sit Down Comedy Club and she just gets funnier! Whether she’s talking about the horror of getting older,

global warming or an ill fated trip to Italy with her biological mother where she ended up drinking wine from a cereal bowl, you will laugh until your jaw aches. She is so natural on stage, which is possibly why she has been a successful comedian for the past twenty years, and her audience participation is second to none, especially the Ask a Young Person segment, involving her asking a seventeen year old boy if he shaves his pubic hair?
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CD Review: Karnivool “Sound Awake”

Review by: Stuart Blythe
karnivoolcdIt’s been four years in the making but after setting a new benchmark in Australian heavy rock with their debut album “Themata”, the pressure was on. Fortunately the wait has been worth it!!

Re-enlisting Themata’s producer Forrester Savell, the album was recorded at Perth’s Blackbird and Kingdom Studios over several months, and later mixed at Melbourne’s famous Sing Sing Studios’. Savell has done a superb job on this record with each band member clear in the mix, and the various landscapes of sound captured impeccably. Singer Ian Kenny relays “It was a no-brainer in the end. Once we made the decision to let him into our space, we really relied on him to don the heavy black boots and start kicking heads, which he did. Plus, the guy’s got the goods musically – he’s like the cleaner who comes in after a murder.”
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Live Review – JEFF MARTIN & THE ARMADA @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 10 May 2009

Review by Stephen Goodwin for Life Music Media
Photo: Stuart Blythe
Armada - Jeff MartinArmadas, historically, take a long time to build. It’s something to do with the size of the whole endeavour. On the evidence of tonight’s outing at the Hi-Fi Bar in Brisbane, Jeff Martin’s version – like the venue itself – still needs a few rough edges knocked off before it can truly take on the world.

Even early, the omens are there. Punters are forced to mill impatiently in the street outside the Hi-Fi long past the advertised opening time. Then, after doors open, the wait for psych-blues tie-dye standard-bearers Black Boards Mind feels interminable.

When they do appear, the Fremantle-based five-piece compound matters by seeming determined to turn in a trainwreck. Maybe it’s nerves, but jarringly out-of-sync vocals utterly destroy the first song and a half.

Eventually their sound begins to cohere, the vocals acquiring a straining nasal twang not too dissimilar to the Vasco Era’s Sid O’Neil. But even combined, Black Board Minds’ trio of vocalists possess nowhere near the Melbourne bluesman’s live-wire charisma. Song progression – characterised by a mushy bass-heavy sound that lacks any subtlety – feels equally leaden. The tambourinist’s creditable impression of the energiser bunny says it all: a manic distraction, it only serves to emphasise the act’s rawness.

Staring at Jeff Martin’s guitar rig, one entertains the possibility that it may contain more pedals than there are punters at the Hi-Fi tonight. And that’s not a dig at the crowd size – there’s plenty of the latter.

Martin’s admission during some mid-set technical issues – “it’s like trying to work the space shuttle up here” – feels like tacit validation, and one gets the feeling this massive contraption is the culprit of the early evening delays, and a longer-than-usual wait during the interval.

The downside of these delays is the flaccidness of the crowd. Curiously detached even as the band take up their instruments, they never seem to click with the band. Consequently, there’s too little of the energising feedback that can propel a “merely” good performance into something truly memorable.

For some musical styles, it’s irrelevant. But with the Armada squarely aiming for rock bombast, it’s a limiting factor.

The good news is that Martin and band are clearly “up for it”. It’s little short of jaw-dropping to simply watch skinsman Wayne P Sheehy’s pummelling drumwork. The intensity of sound is a whole order of magnitude more devastating.

Watching Martin, one is torn between appreciating his rich, pitch-perfect baritone, and admiring the almost-arrogant casualness with which he can pause and rip out a fiery solo. And, to the delight of the guitar nerds near the front, he does this often.

All the while man-mountain bassist Jay Cortez anchors the show with unflappable calm.

Several Tea Party tracks wedge themselves into the set, but the evening’s highlights draw themselves almost exclusively from The Armada’s self-titled debut. The sheer immenseness of opener Morrocco. The poignancy of Line in the Sand – even if the nuance-for-power trade-off is clearly felt compared to the “Live at the Corner” rendition. And the demented slide wizardry of Black Snake Blues, complete with a Led Zep excursion into Whole Lotta Love.

One exception is Winter Solstice, the Splendor Solis instrumental forming an spine-tingling acoustic one-two as it segues into new cut The Rosary.

After roughly 90 minutes, with The Armada closing out with another Tea Party staple Save Me, one is left with no doubt that the band has all the elements – strong songs and incredibly talented personnel. Once they iron out the kinks, they may just go on to conquer the world. Unlike the Spanish version.


Chinese Whispers
Line in the Sand
Coming Home
Winter Solstice/The Rosary
Black Snake Blues
Closing Down Blues

Save Me

Bands: The Armada – www.thearmada.com
Black Board Minds
Venue: The Hi-Fi Bar, Brisbane – www.thehifi.com.au
Date: May 10, 2009

Photo Gallery: JEFF MARTIN & THE ARMADA @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 10 May 2009
JEFF MARTIN & THE ARMADA @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 10 May 2009 and May 2009 Tour Dates
The East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival Byron Bay – BluesFest 2008 – images including Jeff Martin

Review: Alex Lloyd @ The Zoo, Brisbane 8 May 2009

Alex Lloyd @ The Zoo, Brisbane 8 May 2009
Author: Merryn
Photo: Stuart Blythe
Alex LloydWhat in the world has happened to Alex Lloyd? Or, more to the point, his fans? Last night’s gig at The Zoo resembled more a congregation for the Corpse Bride than an intimate gathering to celebrate one of Australia’s best artists.

Best Artists you question? Yes! Come on guys, this is a man who’s brilliance dazzled all at the turn of the century, and it wasn’t luck My Friend. With credentials that put other Musicians to shame, Alex Lloyd is one of Australia’s most under celebrated treasures.
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Madeleine Paige “The Voice Behind The Noise” EP : Review

Madeleine Paige    Brisbane based Madeleine Paige is in a class of her own.

It’s refreshing to receive an EP to review that one instantly likes and that was exactly the case with this.

Madeleine Paige’s latest EP entitled “The Voice Behind The Noise” consisting of 5 beautifully crafted songs that were recorded at Massive Studios by Matt Redlich (Hungry Kids Of Hungary).

Madeleine has been praised in recent reviews for her live performances and this certainly translates well within this album.

Starting out with “Ditty”, an upbeat happy bouncy tune that will surely remove any blues that you may be feeling.
Track 2, “My Love Looks”, is a lulla-ballad styled song where you are carried away by just her voice and soft acoustic accompaniment.
“It’s over (and over again)” is one of my favourites on this EP. A haunting lament that is definitely worth having a listen to – over and over and over again.

Madeleine’s angelic voice, coupled with well written and performed songs, will mesmerise all listeners.

“The Voice Behind The Noise” was released on 8 May 2009. Madeleine Paige is currently touring and her show is one that shouldn’t be missed.
Rating: 4/5
Tour Dates:
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Mzaza / Paris Dreaming – Parliment of Birds CD Launch -The Press Club

Mzaza / Paris Dreaming
Parliment of Birds CD Launch -The Press Club
Author: Lisa Lamb

mzazza    If you ever feel you are in the wrong country, listen to Mzaza and you will know you are. This six-piece Brisbane group combines sounds from East & West with ease and sensuality. Vocalist Pauline Maudy is stunning in a black cocktail dress with feathers, and birds in her hair. She is outrageous, yet reserved and very, very classy. Singing in French, Spanish and Arabic with ease and her voice is like liquid amber. In the intimate setting of The Press Club, you could easily be transported to Paris or Marseille. This is world music at its finest!

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