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Polarity @ The Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane 13th September 2010 – Live Review

Review: Lana Harris

  The performance starts in enmeshed innocence, dancer wrapped around dancer, cheek to cheek, limb to limb, ebbing and flowing into one another. Behind these demonstrations of closeness sits a man alone in a chair. Far away from him is a woman in a lounge room setting – flickering lamp, thick rug, and a lonely expression. They both ignore the blatant yet playful seduction occurring in front of them. The dancers too, are oblivious to these others: wrapped up in the intensity of their unfolding romance, their focus remains themselves and their explorations. There is no question we are watching the beginnings of love.

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CD Review: The Bloodpoets – Polarity

Review by: Lana Harris

The Bloodpoets   When playing poker, it’s not enough to be good at the game. To be the winner takes all, you need to maintain a certain level of unpredictability too. If The Bloodpoets music is anything to go by, these guys would make excellent poker players. The second single (and first track) from Polarity, ‘Just in Time’, bursts forwards with cinematic drama and a dark urgency led by Jake Parker’s bass. The brooding opening of this song then flows into a pop orientated chorus and harmonies, a completely unexpected development on first listen. But as the album thrusts forward, it becomes apparent that blending deep rock guitars with lighter sing along lyrics is what The Bloodpoets do.

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