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Only The Sea Slugs @ Yah Yahs, Fitzroy – October 27, 2011 | Live Review

Review by Ben Connolly

  Rock can be such a bitch of a game. One day you’re the toast of the town, an EP in the shops, a film clip on Rage and some choice words thrown your way from the national youth music broadcaster. Then you decide to cram all your gear into a van and tumble a thousand kilometres south only to be greeted by a mid-week pub, almost empty apart the other bands on the bill and a few uneager passers-by; shitty sound only adds to the drama. And that’s where it all goes pear-shaped for Sydney-siders Only The Sea Slugs with its recent gig at Melbourne’s Yah Yah’s.

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Live Review: Drawn From Bees @ The Troubadour, Brisbane 26 June 2009

Drawn From Bees, Only The Sea Slugs, Ball Park Music @ The Troubadour, Brisbane June 26, 2009
Review and Photo: Stephen Goodwin

Drawn From Bees   The poppy, youthful innocence that local six-piece “Ball Park Music” exudes proves the perfect antidote for a rainy, miserable Friday night. The pure boy-girl harmonies of Samuel Cromack and Jennifer Boyce are instantly appealing, while jangly guitar hooks are nicely rounded by lashings of keys and trombone. Bright and joyous, they bounce along – seemingly without effort. It’s the early comers’ loss that nearly all are determined to be wallflowers.

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