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Interview with Fredrik Saroea – Datarock

Interview by Stuart Blythe
datarock-smlWe caught up with Fredrik Saroea, lead singer of Norwegian punk funk band DataRock ahead of their Australian tour.

LMM: Your tour is in support of your latest release cd, can you tell us a little about the album?

Fredrik Saroea: The album is the best to happen mankind since the C64 and the international means to get through the financial recession.
LMM: How would you compare the album to your previous recordings?

Fredrik Saroea: It’s just the same, but better in all ways.
LMM: The “Give It Up” video looks like a lot of fun, how did that come about?

Fredrik Saroea: It came to us on a drunken evening but took a hell of a lot of work to make into a video. You won’t believe how many people were involved. And it’s filmed on location at the middle of the night, mid winters in freezing minus degrees. Even the stupid ass dancing became quite a challenge. And we’re doing this in front of a very serious choreographer surrounded by professional Swedish dancers and a big ass film crew. Next time we wanna pay tribute to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, “Beat It” & “Bad”, Toto’s “Rosanna”, Coppola’s “Rumble Fish”, Broadway’s musicals, “West Side Story” from ’61 and Romeo & Juliette, please stop us!
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Interview: Judith Lucy’s Not Getting Any Younger

judithlucy-smallJudith Lucy‘s Not Getting Any Younger
interview by Lisa Lamb.

Judith Lucy is one of Australia’s most popular comedians and one of few Australian comics to be invited to the Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival, twice. In 2009 she celebrates twenty years in comedy with her new show Judith’s Not Getting Any Younger.

Judith, you’re a single successful independent girl, is it time those men started battering down your door?
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