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Live Review: Slayer, Anthrax & Kingdom of Sorrow @ Big Top – Luna Park, Sydney – 25 February 2013

Review and photos by Ben Hosking
Ahh, the annual Soundwave cavalcade. A time for sunburn, aching legs, aching livers and severe tinnitus. For those with average bank accounts, Soundwave is usually a choice between the main festival and the many and varied accompanying ‘Sidewave’ shows.

For some, the choice to purchase tickets to a Sidewave is more about being able to see their favourite bands in a more intimate environment with a few thousand other die-hards instead of tens of thousands. We’re left in no doubt tonight that many of the punters filling Luna Park’s Bog Top in Sydney fall squarely into the third category: those who feel compelled to spend up and see their favourite band/s in both arenas. Tonight’s Sidewave, starring Slayer, Anthrax and Kingdom of Sorrow is truly an exceptional line up of talent for one intimate venue and it comes as no surprise to find a long line of black-clad dudes stretching out past the big open mouth of the amusement park.
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Album Review: Björk – Bastards (Biophilia Remixes)

By Natalie Salvo
Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Björk is an artist that never fails to be eccentric and interesting. Last year’s Biophilia album was a sprawling, mixed media affair where the music was released as an album alongside shows, educational projects and a special app for every single song. In 2012, Bastards draws together remixes of virtually all of these tracks.

Björk has acknowledged that these particular remixes took the listener somewhere else. The cuts were all chosen by the fine lady herself, because she says they contain much sturdier legs to dance on thanks to their rather heavy reliance on synths and beats. These particular songs have all been offered on the Internet as downloads at different times and this release collects them together in a handy but rather unnecessary package.
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