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Interview with BIFFY CLYRO bassist James Johnston

Interview by Tony Mouritz
biffy clyro pressBiffy Clyro are heading back to Australia for a national headlining tour this September (2014) and after their jaw-dropping live performances at Soundwave Festival earlier this year, we were more than excited to chat with bass guitarist James Johnston about touring, the success of their current album ‘Opposites’ and all things Biffy Clyro!

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Album Review | Anathema – Distant Satellites

Review by Wanda Hill
Distant Satellites – AnathemaSixty minutes of floating on beautiful melodies, intense emotion and powerful composition can be yours when you decide to listen to Distant SatellitesAnathema’s 10th studio album. This UK progressive rock band have carved their own unique blend of uplifting yet contemplative music that continues to inspire and attract new fans around the world. Their style has grown to embrace new influences while never really straying far from original inspirational sources such as Pink Floyd.

Distant Satellites features ten beautifully crafted songs that explore a range of states of being and experiences using sublime instrumentation, harmonies and vibrant vocals. The song’s transition well from one to another, providing continuity and an extremely pleasurable listening hour.
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Live Review | Children of Bodom @ Hi-Fi Bar, Sydney | May 9, 2014

Words and Pics by Ben Hosking – www.hoskingindustries.com.au

It’s a fittingly chilly evening in Sydney for Finnish metallers Children of Bodom. The pale-skinned shred-tastic troupe from the North country probably blew right into town on the cold wind that’s brought with it a motley crew of fans from all over like some kind of Pied Piper.
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Interview with Jaska Raatikainen – Children of Bodom


Ahead of their “HALO of BLOOD” Over Australia 2014 east coast tour, Children of Bodom drummer Jaska Raatikainen took time out for a chat.

Now that ‘Halo of Blood’ has been released for some time how does the album sit with you, in the scheme of your back catalogue?

   Jaska: I think it is just normal and natural continuation for the band and sits just perfect to our back catalog. If thinking only music track by track there is maybe a little bigger variety between the songs on the new one. Meaning that we have perhaps the fastest and also the slowest ever song on the new release. And also a one very “rockish” song.

The album has a real clean, yet powerful sound, did the recording/production process for Halo of Blood differ from previous releases?
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Live Review | Groovin The Moo 2014 | Canberra

Review by Scott Singh
gtmAgain comes that time of year where a mixture of locals and people from out of the state come together for a chilly day of good music at Groovin The Moo 2014 held at The University of Canberra. There was a clear distinction of who was a local and who wasn’t based on the apparel worn to combat the weather. Though, despite where you came from, the festival provided enough musical diversity to satisfy anyone’s quota for the day.

To start the day, Sweet Shoppe opened with a short but tenderising set that did intrigue many festival goers as they started their day. With a hypoactive sounds that sports a gifted female vocalist, the set was a great representation of the local talent coming from Canberra. It is always encouraging when locals make the effort to come out and support the band they enjoy at the start of the day.
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