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Live Review : Live at the Foreshore, Newcastle – Sunday 6th November 2016

Live at the Foreshore, Newcastle – 6 November 2016
Photographer: David Jackson

Review by Natasha Wyborn

Hits & memories Live at the Foreshore! Picturesque Nobbys Beach, could you ask for a better backdrop for a concert? One of Australia’s most scenic beaches complete with a working lighthouse, a bustling harbour and all in the heart of Newcastle. “Live at the foreshore” returned to this venue, this time selling out with a week to spare. Record sales prove yet again this country’s fixation with past music icons is not going away, in fact it will only get bigger.
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The Angels ‘Dark Room’ Tour – October 2010

  Triple M and The Angels are both celebrating a 30 year Anniversary! Triple Ms amazing 30 years of Rock n Roll history on-air and The Angels who 30 years ago released the album The Dark Room.

Both legends will join forces to create an exclusive double anniversary weekend event. Not only will Doc Neeson from The Angels be co-hosting a live on-air celebration with the Triple M listeners, MAX will also join in on the fun by hosting a weekend of The Angels hits and singles.

Triple M is back with a vengeance, and The Angels are back on tour, both have promised fans and listeners, Rock n Roll will never die!!

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