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Darren Hanlon Announces 2014 Christmas Tour

Darren HanlonIf there’s one constant in the disjointed life of Darren Hanlon, it’s his annual Yuletide show series. “The years seem to get faster but for me the Christmas tour is the playing card in the spokes that mark each turn,” he says.

And the season is upon us again. Nearing a decade of existence, this year will see Hanlon once again take the stage in a blaze of solo informality, keeping things loose and inviting special guests to sing a song or two.

Don’t miss Darren Hanlon at The Bridge Hotel in Castlemaine on Thursday 11 December, Trinity Sessions in Adelaide on Sunday 14 December (all ages), Mojo’s in Fremantle on Monday 15 December, Northcote Uniting Church Hall in Melbourne on Thursday 18 December (all ages), Northcote Social Club in Melbourne on Friday 19 December, St Stephens Church in Sydney on Saturday 20 December (all ages), and The Globe in Brisbane on Sunday 21 December (all ages). Tickets to all shows are on sale now.
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Darren Hanlon @ The Globe, Brisbane – August 7, 2010 with Shelley Short [Photo Gallery]

Photographer: Stephen Goodwin
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Darren Hanlon
Darren Hanlon

[Photo: Stephen Goodwin]

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Darren Hanlon “I Will Love You At All” – Album Review

Review: Natalie Salvo
Darren Hanlon, the musical raconteur from Gympie is back with his fourth studio album, “I Will Love You At All”. For this record, this citizen of the world wrote his songs in many exciting locations from Paris to Coonabarabran (it’s in NSW people, look it up!)

At it’s essence we’re taken on a journey with a wistful and heartfelt traveler via ten songs full of gentle longing, aching reminiscence and nostalgia. Produced by Adam Selzer (M Ward, She & Him, The Decemberists), it features musical assistance from Rachel Blumberg (Bright Eyes, M Ward, She & Him, The Decemberists); longtime collaborator, Cory Gray on keys; and the velvety, feminine vocals of Shelley Short and Alia Farah.

On Hanlon’s self-proclaimed “mature” record, we seem him again showcase his trademark, homely crafts with great skill and virtuosity. The talented wordsmith is at it again with his lyrical interplay and word games, but this time around things are a tad subtler. He still spins yarns, turning what could be the minutiae of one’s day into if not a revelation that at the very least an amusing aside you’ll want to save up for the next time you want to impress. But there’s no denying that he has toned down his cheeky side. Gone are the really strange pieces of subject matter for the more subdued folk, with perhaps even Hanlon himself realising that he’s getting a little old to be singing love songs about squash, people waving at trains and the like.
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CD Review: Carry Nation – Like a River Does

Review: Victoria Nugent

Carry Nation   Brisbane solo artist Carry Nation’s debut album Like A River Does is the perfect soundtrack for lazy summer days spent in contemplation, with its rich, full sound and intimate lyrics. Built around the foundation of the voice and guitar of Brisbane songwriter Jessie Warren, the recording sees her joined by bass, string and percussion players, with their music making the ideal accompaniment for Warren’s strong and honest vocals.

Warren began playing guitar at sixteen, writing her first song at seventeen, and playing her first show at the Verve Cafe at eighteen.

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