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The Dandy Warhols Announce ‘Distortland’ Australian Tour -October 2016


In 1994 a groovy little band outta Portland, Oregon burst into life – they were called THE DANDY WARHOLS. There were a group of friends who ’needed music to drink to’. For the last two decades, THE DANDY WARHOLS have solidified themselves as a veteran rock act that combine a detached garage rock cool with effervescent pop melodies, creating a sound that has been described as Portland’s answer to Brit-Pop.
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Interview with DANDY WARHOLS guitarist PETER HOLSTROM – Australian Tour, Cash and Creativity

Interview by: Dermot Clarke
DANDY WARHOLS guitarist PETER HOLSTROM chats briefly about the band’s upcoming Australian tour (2011), and the way cash and creativity affect each other.
“It felt like after we did Parklife we hadn’t really performed to our fans,” a laid-back sounding Peter Holstrom says.

“We’d performed to a lot of people who were going to a dance music festival, and that was fun and great but we needed to come back and do shows for our fans, the ones who didn’t want to spend however much it was for a festival ticket to just see a few bands that they might like on it.”

The decadent rock outfit’s strong touring relationship with Australia can be traced back to their visit in 2000, on the back of their landmark album Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia. When they walked onstage for their Livid Festival set, they were met with such a screaming wall of white noise from the audience that they changed their set list on the spot, opening with the high-paced feedback dirge “Fast Driving Raveup With the Dandy Warhols”.
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PARKLIFE 2010 – Line-Up Announcement

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  Here it is, the official first line-up announcement for Parklife 2010. We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s their tenth birthday this year, and it looks like the celebrations are set to go off with a bang. As promised, there are quite a few surprises on the roster of artists announced so far, with organisers paying closer attention to the more indie/alternative-inspired musical tastes of their punters, as well as packing in a whole bunch of more traditionally Parklife-y electro and hip hop acts.

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