Fun In The Sun At Woodford, SPLENDOUR WRAP UP!

It’s been 10 years since SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS debuted in Byron Bay. Today, the festival wrapped up after three magnificent days at the beautiful site of Woodfordia in the QLD Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Featuring more than 80 of Australia’s and the world’s hottest artists and DJs, quality music acts alongside quirky arts and counter-culture this weekend has seen a spectacular collection of awesome artists from around the globe leave a permanent mark on the hearts and dancing soles of all 32,000 ecstatic music fans who heard and saw. With weary joy and tears of sadness at it’s end we reflect on a collection of new tales from the Amphitheatre, Mix Up and G.W. McLennan stages now permanently added to the pages of SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS history.
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Jez Mead “Beard of Bees” [LP Review]

Review: Lana Harris

  What deal did Jez Mead make with the devil to get that voice? He certainly didn’t trade his finger picking abilities (his mastery of the guitar is evident in this diverse mix of tracks), but the man surely gave up something for a voice that soars across octaves, that swings from gravel to whisper to a full blown resonance that seems to take up real, tangible space in the room. Beard of Bees is Jez Mead’s fourth recorded offering to the world, and a record that uses his vocal gift (no matter how it was acquired) to deliver a striking set of songs.

Let’s begin at the end: the last song on this album

was the best. A gorgeous, chilled out track called ‘Crooked’ was a resplendent way to finish, with slow chords and soulful crooning and Jez humming low and full, a honey coated vibration that left goose bumps in its wake (and was not the only track to do so). ‘Devil’ (featuring Julia Stone as Mead’s duet partner) is similarly slow and haunting, a love song which includes such lyrical blues gems as ‘Devil wants my blood for making whisky’. Continue reading Jez Mead “Beard of Bees” [LP Review]

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Australian Tour Announced for July-August 2010

  Delivering potent, intelligent, memorable melodies with a noisy cohesion and howling passion, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have never succumbed to the safe path or released records to please the suits.

From the sparse, literate and deeply hypnotic killer tunes of ‘Howl’ to the simmering sexuality of ‘Baby 81’, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have always sought to personify, celebrate, and finally eulogize the ravaged sound of bar-bred, blue-collar rock.

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CD Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Beat The Devil’s Tattoo

Review: Lana Harris

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club   Black Rebel Motorcycle Club burst from the deep south of the USA and appeared on the music scene at around the same time as we were all worrying about the millennium bug. They were often touted as being ‘the band to take rock forward into the new millennium’ and with this expectation yapping at their heels they crossed the century border.

A decade on, BRMC are still making rock records, their most recent offering entitled Beat the Devil’s Tattoo. The band’s sound has since acquired other labels and modifiers including garage rock,

swamp rock, blues, country, indie pop and psych-garage. Elements of stoner rock appear in Beat The Devil’s Tattoo too, the characteristic fuzzy guitars and drawling lyrics of the genre weaved with a 70’s rock vibe. Nowhere is this more prevalent than on tracks ‘War Machine’ and ‘Aya’, droning slow burners bloated with distorted guitars that alternatively smoulder and blister. Continue reading CD Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Beat The Devil’s Tattoo