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Album Review: Alex Lloyd – Urban Wilderness

Review by Natalie Salvo
It has been five years since Alex Lloyd released a solo album but in that time he had a break like John Lennon. He was busy caring for his brood of children (he now has four) and was busy writing music for other acts (like Passenger) plus producing and working on soundtracks (including collaborating with the Pigram Brothers for the Mad Bastards OST). This period – like much of his career – has been a rich and varied one and this is also the most striking element on his sixth studio record.

Urban Wilderness was written in a piecemeal fashion with one of the tracks dating back as far as 2008. It covers his time spent living abroad in Queens Park in the UK and his return home to the Central Coast in 2012. The title hints at being lost in a sea of uncertainty and this is reflective of Lloyd’s initial mindset with regards to returning to solo music. This changed though, when he shared his demos with artist and producer, Shane Nicholson (who is famous for his collaborations with his then-wife, Kasey Chambers). Nicholson pushed Lloyd and insisted that he had an album and the rest is all history.
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Myles Mayo – Myles Mayo [Album Review]

Review by: Ben Connolly

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  First albums can be tricky beasts to get right. For some they’re cringe-worthy telegraphs of earnest naivety best left uncovered, for others they signpost a highpoint never again attained. For most, however, they are a hotch-potch of eagerness and ideas, often with so much crammed into short hard-won studio time or crazy experiments trying to find their way around a myriad of home recording equipment.

Myles Mayo’s self-titled debut release falls into the latter “trying to cram everything in” category which, while certainly interesting and intriguing, often comes across as a curious iPod playlist at times, rather than a cohesive narrative.

Mayo is the front-man of Adelaide pop-rock band Special Patrol who’s found just enough internal artistic drive to branch out on his own.
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Review: Alex Lloyd @ The Zoo, Brisbane 8 May 2009

Alex Lloyd @ The Zoo, Brisbane 8 May 2009
Author: Merryn
Photo: Stuart Blythe
Alex LloydWhat in the world has happened to Alex Lloyd? Or, more to the point, his fans? Last night’s gig at The Zoo resembled more a congregation for the Corpse Bride than an intimate gathering to celebrate one of Australia’s best artists.

Best Artists you question? Yes! Come on guys, this is a man who’s brilliance dazzled all at the turn of the century, and it wasn’t luck My Friend. With credentials that put other Musicians to shame, Alex Lloyd is one of Australia’s most under celebrated treasures.
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ALEX LLOYD Touring Nationally in May – @ The Zoo, Brisbane : 8 May 2009

Alex Lloyd    One of Australia’s most loved male artists, Alex Lloyd is coming home for a run of national dates throughout May. The tour will kick off at The Great Northern, Byron Bay on Wednesday May 6 and make its way around the east coast, before finishing in Perth on May 17 at the Fly By Night Club.

These shows will be the first in Australia for Alex since the release of his album Good In The Face of a Stranger. Looking forward to heading home and playing these songs to a local audience Alex said, “I’ve been playing around with these songs in small venues in London by myself and can’t wait to bring them to life in a unique way with my mates.” Joining Alex on tour will be long time friends Kinnon Holt on guitar and Ian Jones on drums. Both musicians having played alongside Alex since Black The Sun.

‘What We Started,’ Alex’s current single is at radio and TV now and is available for FREE DOWNLOAD for a limited time through Nova Radio Nationally www.novafm.com.au/alex_lloyd.

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