Sunset Sounds 2010 Second Line Up Announcement

Sunset Sounds 2010 – Brisbane 6-7 January 2010

SUNSET SOUNDS returns to announce a picnic basket-full of guests to join the soiree-starters of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Grizzly Bear, Moby, Hilltop Hoods, King Khan & The Shrines, and loads more over January 6 and 7. Welcoming them to the lush paradise-like realm of the stunning Brisbane Botanical and City Gardens comes;

Dance-inducing, pop-culture fanatics DATAROCK (Norway)
Synth drenched icy-pop delivered by indie darlings DAPPLED CITIES
The dapper-suited pop-rock crooners LITTLE RED
Funny, dirty and devilishly clever JAMIE T (UK)
Gritty and charming modern exploration of pop music from BERTIE BLACKMAN
Evocative blenders of intelligent lyricism, the folky bliss-starters OH MERCY
The dream-like tapestries that weave an aural delight from PATRICK WATSON (Canada);
Statically charged wall of sounds from DZ;
Dressing indie tunes with a healthy dose of 60’s pop, Brissy’s own HUNGRY KIDS OF HUNGARY
Brisbane’s indie overlords FANS! DJS
Delicately layered lullabies of MCKISKO
With many more still to be announced!

With tickets to The Falls Music & Arts Festival SOLD OUT, make sure you don’t miss out on the sophomore year of SUNSET SOUNDS.

So, the line-up now looks a little like this; Yeah Yeah Yeahs (USA); Moby(USA); Grizzly Bear (USA – First Ever Australian Shows); Hilltop Hoods; The Temper Trap; King Khan & The Shrines (Germany – First Ever Australian Shows); Bertie Blackman; Dappled Cities; Patrick Watson (Canada – First Ever Australian Shows); Rodrigo y Gabriela (Mexico); Emiliana Torrini (Iceland); Andrew Bird (USA); Jamie T (UK); Little Red; Editors (UK); Kaki King (USA); Yves Klein Blue; Seasick Steve (USA); Datarock (Norway); Xavier Rudd; Sarah Blasko; Art vs. Science; Lisa Mitchell; The John Steel Singers; The Middle East; Fans! DJs; McKisko; Hungry Kids of Hungary; Oh Mercy; DZ and many more still to be announced!

Second Line Up Artist Info.. see below.

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Second Line Up Artist Info:

Norway’s Datarock have returned with the follow up to the geek-chic party album of 2005, Datarock Datarock. Their debut mixed Happy Mondays punk-funk with warped Devo humour, and was well received locally with Computer Camp Love landing #12 on Triple J’s Hottest 100. The new album Red has lost none of Fredrik and musical partner Ketil Mosnes’ aptitude for so-classic-you-must-have heard- it-before hooks, but this follow-up is an altogether more concept-driven beast. As an album, Red is a thoroughly unashamed love-letter to the influences that made Datarock what they are today. Pop cultural fluff that is meaningful because invoking them now as adults is a sharp reminder from a more innocent time that we should ALWAYS be having more fun than we are right now.

If you haven’t yet experienced one of Dappled Cities incendiary shows, or if you’ve simply been waiting for far too long for your fix, then fear not, the band are joining us on stage at The Falls Music & Arts Festivals in Tasmania and Victoria. It’s been three long years since Dappled Cities last delivered an album to the Australian people and thankfully we now can experience their 3rd long-player, Zounds live at the festival. Besides music from Zounds the band will play live favourites from the AMP nominated Granddance (2006) album and indie cult-classic A Smile (2004). “What strikes you first is how epic and made-for-stadium they sound…when they reach for the stars they get there with ease.” (Beat, May, 2009)

Local-indie-pop and rhythm and blues rockers Little Red come equipped with their 1950’s American-diner dapper suited-style with their secret instrument, stunning four-part harmonies. This 5-piece reflects a bygone era of classics; pop music from the 50s and 60s with three lead singers sharing similar vocal styles of the likes of Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and The Beatles. Suitably kitted-out in 60’s pop fashion that compliments their stripped back grooves of musical brilliance, Little Red have been taking Oz by storm, harking back to a wondrous time in musical history and shaping it to the modern era. They’ve been working hard on the new album for most of the year with their long awaiting and exciting new single to be released just before the fest!

Jamie T was still a teenager living with his parents when he wrote and recorded the majority of Panic Prevention; was still only twenty when his debut single Sheila became a key anthem for post-millennial doomed youth; was barely twenty-one when Panic Prevention’s mix of lo-fi song, urban beats, troubadour folkiness and an avalanche of cruel, funny, dirty and devilishly clever words had critics comparing Jamie to everyone from Mike Skinner to Bob Dylan and his first Top 10 single Calm Down Dearest had half the world weeping into their beer. Full of his unique gutter poetry, anger and humour, Jamie T returns to Oz on the back of his second album Kings & Queens, which was a Triple J feature earlier this month and in which he will tour shortly before he returns for a Southern Summer to play at The Falls.

Bertie Blackman delivers pop music with depth. Her voice is seductive, her lyrics are inventive and she mesmerizes as a live performer. “When I’m playing music, I just disappear into what’s going on,” she says, “it all just sort of channels through.” Blackman’s music pulsates and buzzes with a fusion of tribal beats and acid-Motown grooves, with icy-cool electronic overlays and heart wrenching honest underlays in a modern exploration of pop music.

Patrick Watson (Canada) is no ordinary human and for the first time ever, he brings his deft-defying ability to raise those hairs on the back of your neck. You may remember Patrick’s vocal brilliance from track ‘To Build A Home’ with Cinematic Orchestra. He’s a damn incredible sight to behold live, with crowd antics that have seen him walk into the pit with an amp as a backpack and then have the entire band follow him and plug themselves in! With his love of chamber pop music that he’s aptly married to electronic sound scapes it’s no wonder Mr Watson has been nominated for the coveted Canadian Polaris Music Prize. His unique dream-like sonic tapestries will be an aural delight to behold come Sunset sounds.

“Could potentially be the freshest, smartest song writing partnership since the Finn brothers. 4 stars” (Rolling Stone). Alexander Gow and Thomas Savage, the duo at the heart of Melbourne four-piece Oh Mercy, blend evocative and intelligent lyricism with a strong pop sensibility on their debut album Privileged Woes, showcasing the depth of the young songwriter’s polished pop brilliance. Their singles Seemed Like A Good Idea and Lay Everything on Me were JJJ favourites, both receiving high rotation. Their elegantly written and performed latest 7 track EP In The Nude For Love has garnered much worthy respect and generous airplay.

While the mention of their name often invokes raised eyebrows and amused smiles among the uninitiated, Brisbane four-piece Hungry Kids of Hungary produce music that inspires equal measures of curiosity and joy. Dressing their immaculate indie tunes with a healthy dose of 60’s pop sensibility and lashings of soul HKoH have wasted no time in carving out a name for themselves in the Australian music scene. Fresh off the Little Birdy tour, with their album out soon, and Triple J singles Set It Right and Scattered Diamonds on the airwaves, this quartet of lively pop energy entwined with layers or thought provoking vitality shall put a spring in your step at Sunset Sounds.

Like the band title, DZ consists of only two parts, that being Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley. For some people, it is hard to comprehend a mere two piece with the ability to create wall of sound, yet this is a feat which DZ have been able to conquer with results fashioned from a statically charged mix of Death From Above 1979, Daft Punk, The Bronx, Justice and MSTRKRFT. With this combination of influences as ammunition they create a blend of driving monster beats firing over an avalanche of guitar.

Moses was half-decent at parting water. Martin Luther King had some dreams. Michael Jackson walked backwards in a weird way. The Fans DJ’s will be the guides to the most epic party of your life. The mere mention of their name induces you to slap yourself in the face, quit your job and sell your first born child just for the chance to carve up a dance floor with their assistance. Heading up this motley crew of anarchic party starters is Benrama Trashpeople!, a master of dropping indie party beats with splicers of the classics. The trusty Tablesalt, Skin & Bones and Lazertooth Tiger round out this deck destroying juggernaut, creating a dangerous mix that will have you glued to the dance floor.

McKisko is gifted with a voice of a bruised angel which hits straight at the heart. With a busy year supporting Bon Iver and Jose Gonzales, she also released her debut album Glorio. A release incorporating keys, guitar, melodica, percussion and subtle use of loop pedal, and songs swaying between delicately layered lullabies and emotionally charged assaults.

Sunset Sounds 2010 First Line Up Announcement – Brisbane 6-7 January 2010