Straight Arrows single ‘BAD TEMPER’ [New Music]

  Rice Is Nice is psyched to announce the signing of the Straight Arrows! We unite to release the bands debut album ‘It’s Happening!’ this coming November. Please find the important artist statement below.

“STRAIGHT ARROWS are engorged with pride to announce their signing to Rice Is Nice Records for our forthcoming debut LP. We hope they can continue to operate at their excellent standard, and not be brought down by us. Somehow, we even raised the standard of this record to glorious Medium Fidelity”

Straight Arrows formed almost 3 years ago in a Sydney wasteland. Initially finding trouble and frustration with regular venue operation, Straight Arrows began a 4 month residency in a small space above notorious (and now shut-down) gay bar The Newtown Hotel that culminatined in the release of their debut 7” record. Since this point the band have honed and released their Juvenile psyched out punk 7 inch records on their own and other worldwide independent labels.

Their infamous 20 minute live reputation has seen them support and tour with the likes of Thee Oh Sees, Jay Reatard (RIP), The Black Lips, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, King Brothers, Deerhunter and many more.

To get a better idea, we shall leave you with a quote from Tom (
“Super crude power pop punker that would leave most of you Posies, Big Star, jingly jangly “songwriters” shitting your pants. If Phil Spector set up a boombox in a junkyard and forced the Ramones to listen to a pile of “Back from the Grave” comps and fuelled em on speed and cider, ya might get within a bee’s dick, of what these (S)Punks are tooling for. The aforementioned Jingly Jangly crowd should maybe check some adult Diapers, because a full-lengther just got put down on tape!!”

Listen to the single ‘BAD TEMPER’
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