Screamfeeder – New Single + 2 Huge Shows – July 2016

Robert Falcon Scott spent years of his life dragging his beleaguered team across the barren wastelands of Antarctica, just for the hell of it, and of course to prove that the endless miles of icy wilderness were no obstacle to his determination and willpower.

Screamfeeder spent the 90s and half of the noughties dragging their arses around Australia and the world, recording album after album with much the same mindset: What the hell, it was hard but it could be done, and it was worth doing.

The band took the next 10 years pretty slowly, letting the energy reserves build up again. In late 2015 they heard the call once more, and resurfaced with a new 3 track single Alone In A Crowd. The songs solidly echoed the band’s strongest work from the 90s – immediately catchy, clever, energised pop, played like their lives (still) depended on it.

Tim, Kellie and Dean are currently amassing songs for their next assault, a new full length album, pencilled in for late 2016. In a world dominated by over-processed and formulaic songs written by kids with a Cert 3 in Music under their arms, Screamfeeder are once again celebrating the sound of fuzzed out electric guitar, loud bass and drums; proudly reclaiming the continent, flying the indie rock flag high.

The new single All Over It Again will be out June 20th.

Screamfeeder have called in the heavy artillery for to help launch the single: 90s grunge lords Budd, punk pop maestros Walken, and angular, attitude-filled indie kids The Bear Hunt. It’s going to be a night of loud rock n roll.

July 8th – The Zoo, Brisbane
+Budd +Walken +The Bear Hunt

July 23rd – The Reverence Hotel, Melbourne
with Blueline Medic, The Hard Aches, Foxtrot,
Tigers & many more