Scott Mellis – Interview – 10 August 2010

After months of touring overseas, Scott Mellis (SM) is back in Australia to play a few shows including The Toff in Town, Melbourne on August 24 2010. We (LMM) caught up with Scott and discovered a talented songwriter thats had an amazing few months!

LMM: Scott, you’ve had an amazing last 12 months. Number 1 overall on Triple J Unearthed chart, gigged in the UK and USA and playing with some amazing artists. What have been the highlights and lowlights?

SM: It has all been a big surprise really. I went to the US with no intentions or plans to play music. It was actually quite the opposite. I was frustrated with how my music career was developing and had some issues in my personal life I needed to detach from.

But I lucked out! Basically from when I landed in LA, a series of fortunate accidents started. I got offered opportunities like supporting Jason Mraz and Tom Morello in Los Angeles and to play at SXSW in Texas as well as working with some insanely talented people that I now consider to be my good friends.

LMM: With constant touring, what is in your touring survival kit?

SM: I don’t really need much. I love the road, it’s where I feel most at home.
The most important thing I depend on is getting my guitars a good regular service because my guitars have been recently on a lot of flights and the timbers don’t like the air pressure.

LMM: What favourite bands have you discovered while overseas that we mightn’t have heard of yet?

SM: I have to say Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale. I met them through some mutual friends and saw them play at a venue in LA called Hotel Cafe.. they were so good it makes you want to practice! Also Benji Hughes and The Noises 10 from Charlotte whom I had the privilege to play a show and hang out in the studio with while in North Carolina.

LMM: Your first band played covers of Slayer and Sepultura… how would you describe your music now?

SM: I can’t answer that, there are so many things that inspire me – My manager’s pitch is it sounds like Jeff Buckley meets Tom Petty.

LMM: Recently in the studio with Brad Smith (bassist from Blind Melon), Ryan Hoyle (Collective Soul, Paul Rogers) producer/Mixer Bruce Irvine (Anthony Hamilton, Paper Tongues, Whitesnake), tell us about the experience.

SM: It’s great experience but in all honesty working with people at this level who have the credits doesn’t matter if you don’t have your own thing together.
And what makes these guy’s more credible is that they all will agree to this…
Brad has been like a big brother to me in LA and the same with hanging out with Ryan. Bruce is the sort of guy that you can never stump with a question he is the wise man sitting cross legged on his chair at the mixing board.

LMM: Your back in Australia to play a few shows including The Toff in Melbourne on August 24. Tell us about your live show.

SM: These shows will be solo acoustic as I want to focus on the core of my song writing which is just a lyric and a melody and not depend on things like how funky a bass player or drummer is to make the song work.

LMM: After touring overseas, what do you most look forward to when you get back to Australia?

SM: The Beach in my hometown of Caloundra and playing my dad’s guitars

LMM: What does the next 6 months have in store for Scott Mellis.

SM: I have no idea after these shows!
I am just going to put my faith in the universe, focus on what I can control and not all the outside pressures and distractions and hope I can continue on this lucky streak! This method has worked well for the last 6 months.

LMM: Lastly, tell us a secret… happiest time, embarrassing event, strangest happening, secret crush…?

SM: Olivia Newton John in the Xanadu film clip is mesmerizing!

Scott Mellis to perform only Melbourne show for 2010 at The Toff in Town

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