Roller Derby returns to Inner City Brisbane – 17th APRIL 2010

A historic sporting event – Northern Brisbane Rollers has a new inner city venue for Brisbane roller derby – the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre!

[Photo: Charles Williams –]
  It has been over three decades since Roller Derby has had a home at an inner-city Brisbane venue. Roller Derby fans of the 1970’s saw such teams as the T-Birds the Devils and Outlaws fight it out at the gone but not forgotten Festival Hall. 17 April 2010 will be the dawn of a new era, and the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre is where it begins. Northern Brisbane Rollers are honoured to give Brisbane roller derby fans what they have been waiting for – roller derby bouts at an inner city venue.

It’s time to experience the revolution that is flat track roller derby!

Last October Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page hit the big screen in a blur of roller skates, fishnets and hard hitting all girl roller derby action in the blockbuster movie Whip It! And it seems Brisbane’s gone roller derby crazy. Northern Brisbane Rollers saw a huge spike in interest in roller derby with lots of hits on their website as well as great turn outs for their fresh meat sign up days and social skate fundraisers.

2010 will be very exciting for roller derby fans. NBR’s new bout venue, the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre has a capacity to hold 4000 screaming fans. This year NBR’s fans will enjoy their roller derby action in air-conditioned comfort! That’s another first for Brisbane roller derby!

Northern Brisbane Rollers will be unveiling two new teams – The Diner-Might Dolls and The Love Rockettes. Some of your favourite hard hitting stars will be back this season such as the Doll’s captains Sweet Enemy and Dead Meat as well as the Rockettes’ captains Belle De Brawl and Trixie Hellborn. We have five bouts scheduled, the next one being April 17, as well two inter-league bouts – including an interstate stoush against Adelaide.

The Sport – Roller derby is an all girl sport which is played on quad skates, on an elliptical track. Two teams of five athletes each have a pivot (starts at the front), three blockers (which make up the pack), and a jammer (starts at the rear of the pack). The jammer must weave through the pack to score points while the opposition’s blockers try to stop them. Jammers score points off every player of the opposition’s team that they pass.

Date: 17th April 2010

Tickets at the door: Adults $15, Concession $10, Kids $5 (Under 5 FREE) or through oztix

Who will you go for? Diner Might Dolls or Love Rockettes?

[Photo: Charles Williams –]