RocketSmiths – “Underground” : CD Review

Review: Lana Harris

  Underground is the new single for Rocketsmiths, a Brisbane based five piece that have been releasing EPs since 2006. With metaphors of the band’s sound leaning precariously towards the more raucous end of rock descriptors (carnie, rockabilly and carnivalesque among them), ‘Underground’ draws on short, punchy riffs and restrained energy to deliver a catchy first single.

The track begins with drumbeats tumbling from the silence and quickly ramps up into a tune that would fit right in with those on The White Stripes’ Elephant record.

Rocketsmiths use a similar technique of chopping up the song into many parts by varying who or what can be heard at any one time, melded with a relatively fast paced beat and progression. As a quintet, there are a multitude of ways to pop back and forth between whole band contribution and selective showcasing as the band powers through the track. Rocketsmiths particularly favour melding their voices into harmonies for the chorus and one line mini chorus breaks scattered through the verses.

Dan Michaels and his bass are the stand out performance on this song. Space is given throughout ‘Underground’ so that his riffs are clearly audible – and when the window opens up, a clear view is provided of his chunky baselines.

The energy and live power that streams out of so many Brisbane based bands is also found on ‘Underground’. While the song presents as tight and clean, the energy constrained by recording and mixing is a palpable, if choked beast waiting to be unleashed in a live performance. ‘Underground’ is the Rocketsmiths promise that their upcoming first LP will be energetic, well executed and get the ears of indie rock lovers burning for more.

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