Review: Judith Lucy’s Not Getting Any Younger – Brisbane Powerhouse

judithlucy-small    Judith Lucy‘s Not Getting Any Younger
Review by Lisa Lamb

I was fortunate enough to first see Judith Lucy perform in the early nineties at the Sit Down Comedy Club and she just gets funnier! Whether she’s talking about the horror of getting older,

global warming or an ill fated trip to Italy with her biological mother where she ended up drinking wine from a cereal bowl, you will laugh until your jaw aches. She is so natural on stage, which is possibly why she has been a successful comedian for the past twenty years, and her audience participation is second to none, especially the Ask a Young Person segment, involving her asking a seventeen year old boy if he shaves his pubic hair?

To which he replies “Yes”, much to the horror of his mother, who is sitting next to him. It’s a very educating show, with a bit of truth and secrets shared. Especially with Judith’s sex life, or rather nonexistent one, which she discusses personally with selected audience members, who seem only too thrilled to share their intimate details. Age has certainly given Judith a new perspective on life, she now admits the only tall, dark stranger following her is the grim reaper, but he’s cool…He wears a hoodie. Her last show I Failed about being sacked from commercial radio sold out almost every season and it was nominated for a Helpmann Award. This is her ninth live show Judith Lucy’s Not Getting Any Younger, so successful it has already been requested a repeat performance at the Sydney Opera House.

The show finishes on a very theatrical interpretation of Send in the Clowns, which she claims sent her singing teacher deaf. She is inspiring, caustic and filled with wit, turning her tales of tragedy into masterpieces of hilarity. But a note to punters don’t turn up late or sit in the front row, especially if you are under thirty, as you may have a lot of explaining to do in regard to the difference between Gen X and Gen Y

Judith Lucy‘s Not Getting Any Younger plays
at the Brisbane Powerhouse 2nd – 21st June 2009

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