Regurgitator National Tour 2010 – September 2010

  After dipping toes in the bubbling grease of contemporary dance for Rockshow in Nov 2009 they dropped the strainer in the chip fryer, frittered away on some new years festival appearances along with a few shows in the past few months. Back in their classic 3 piece mode, after approaching Rockshow in this guise, and with Seja embarking on her own solo career they recently played some stand out performances (including Seja’s last keyboard stand with them) at the Brisbane Powerhouse 10th birthday… and sold out shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

Back on the fries… they saturate the wrapper with new recordings, new tourings and a new soundtrack to cult classic Akira.

With Quan and Ben relocating to new home town Melbourne early this year they activated some fresh studio spaces in their recently acquired dwellings and started work on their first new material since the Love and Paranoia sessions in Rio de Janeiro in 2007. Quan has set up a recording blog here and see them use it… the tracks are currently being mixed by Casey Rice after some additional recording at Head Gap.. and will be released through digital outlets and physical forms in September.

And now following this… Regurgitator embark on the most intensive headline tour since the 6 week long 2007 Amor e Paranoia tour with New Pants from China and I Heart Hiroshima… or the 2008 tour with guiding lights DEVO. For this latest slush in hot fat Regurgitator has invited new sensations from Melbourne RAT VS POSSUM and Brisbane’s bursting with joy LANEOUS & THE FAMILY YAH along for the fries. Plus for a special one-off show… DJ KRUSH from Japan will be joining Regurgitator for a double headliner in Brisbane on SEPT 18 at The Tivoli

Tour dates:
15 Sep Republic Bar & Cafe TAS – Buy Tickets Here
16 Sep Governor Hindmarsh Hotel SA – Buy Tickets Here
17 Sep The Hi-Fi VIC
18 Sep The Tivoli QLD
19 Sep The Northern NSW
22 Sep Hotel Gearin NSW – Buy Tickets Here
23 Sep The Maram Hotel ACT – Buy Tickets Here
24 Sep Wollongong UniBar NSW
25 Sep Manning Bar – Sydney University NSW – Buy Tickets Here
26 Sep Walkington Theatre WA
27 Sep Amplifier Bar WA – Buy Tickets Here