Q&A with Leanne Tennant


Recently released, “Bearing the Crown” (video clip below) is the latest single from Leanne Tennants debut album, “Pull Up Your Britches”.

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Leanne Tennant took time out to answer a few questions for LifeMusicMedia.com

:: What track changed your life ::

Small Change by Tom Waits

:: What is your favourite Album ::

Too many! I would have to narrow it down to 3.

Tom Waits – Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years
The Eels – Hombre Lobo
The Dazed & Confused soundtrack

:: Name a band or artist we should checkout ::

Chris Matthews

:: Favourite Quote ::

“More people are robbed by the point of a pen, than the point of a gun” – Bob Dylan.

:: When on tour, you can’t live without ::

My Trangia cook stove.

:: When you think of Australia, you think ::

Raw, Honest.

:: Worst thing to happen to music is ::

I’m going to say liquor licensing. The strict laws that they put on musicians and venue owners to play at levels no higher than a knife and fork scraping on a plate. Great venues are being forced to shut down due to people moving in next to them and live music is treated like a problem rather than an improvement in many areas. !

:: Best thing about the current music industry ::

Having so many resources at our finger-tips that allow you to take complete control. It’s totally achievable to be a self-managed artist these days.

:: Biggest influence ::

I’m influenced by many different genres which you can see in my debut album, Pull Up Your Britches. I grew up listening to Folk and Jazz music, so in that regard my writing is influenced by artists such as The Lumineers, Neil Young, Billie Holliday, Etta James. Later in life I fell head over heels in love with the Blues and experimental Blues, so there began my obsession with people like Tom Waits, Son House, Robert Johnson and the like. In recent years I discovered an artist called Imelda May which lead me to my love of Rockabilly music. I became heavily inspired by Imelda May, along with Lanie Lane and then began delving into that real gritty, dark Horror-Country (Alt Country) such as The Graveyard Train & Malcolm Holcombe.

:: Childhood hero ::

Billy Connolly

:: When you were younger you wanted to be ::

A rockstar.

:: Last album bought ::

Mojo Bluesman – Whiskey & Women

:: First album you ever bought ::

This is embarrassing but I’ll be honest. Vanilla Ice – To The Extreme….. cassette tape.

:: First concert you went to ::

The Red Hot Chili Peppers @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre.
It was 1996 and the ticket cost $43.80.

:: Last concert you went to ::

I just came back from a festival and the last band I caught was a great Rockabilly act called, Adam & The Talent. The last “concert” was Veruca Salt @ The Zoo in Brisbane.

:: Favourite current band ::

At the moment, Alt J, Meg Mac, Karl S Williams

:: Favourite drink ::

Most of them! I can’t go past an icy cold brew on a hot Summer day. In fact, I’m having one now!

:: Favourite book ::

“Don’t tell mum I work on the rigs, she thinks I’m a piano player in a whorehouse” – Paul Carter.

:: Favourite actor ::

Female – Cameron Diaz, because she makes me laugh. Male – Robin Williams, because he makes me laugh and cry all at the same time.

:: Favourite website ::


:: The best boredom buster is ::

Go to a swimming hole or the beach.

:: The best film you ever saw was ::

Down by Law – Jim Jarmusch

:: Your ultimate snack is ::


:: The first thing you do when you wake up is ::


:: Best piece of advice you’ve received ::

When riding on the shoulders of a unicyclist, keep your back straight.

:: Your biggest aspirations ::

To have a happy, balanced life.

:: Best gift you’ve ever given/received ::


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