Sunday Selection – SIAN EVANS : 24 May 2009

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Sian Evans    “Sure Sian’s Got a wonderful voice, dextrous guitar chops, lyrical prowess, is a looker and charming as hell……..but what about the positives?” – Tim Rogers……….

Thriving on the complexities of human behaviour and the simplicities of beauty in a philosophical shade. Moved by moments of magic. Excited by the possibilities of endless rhyming sequences created through rolling vals and syllabic rhythms. Best depicted as a contemporary synthesis of Urban Folk-Funk and Twisted Gypsy Jazz, it’s the new black of the evolving Australian Blues and Roots culture.

Born in FNQ, singer/songwriter Sian Evans has played numerous gigs along the East coast with an array of musicians big and small. Supporting the likes of Ash Grunwald, Deborah Conway, Tim Rogers, and guest with Clare Bowditch in her short career.
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Live Review – JEFF MARTIN & THE ARMADA @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 10 May 2009

Review by Stephen Goodwin for Life Music Media
Photo: Stuart Blythe
Armada - Jeff MartinArmadas, historically, take a long time to build. It’s something to do with the size of the whole endeavour. On the evidence of tonight’s outing at the Hi-Fi Bar in Brisbane, Jeff Martin’s version – like the venue itself – still needs a few rough edges knocked off before it can truly take on the world.

Even early, the omens are there. Punters are forced to mill impatiently in the street outside the Hi-Fi long past the advertised opening time. Then, after doors open, the wait for psych-blues tie-dye standard-bearers Black Boards Mind feels interminable.

When they do appear, the Fremantle-based five-piece compound matters by seeming determined to turn in a trainwreck. Maybe it’s nerves, but jarringly out-of-sync vocals utterly destroy the first song and a half.

Eventually their sound begins to cohere, the vocals acquiring a straining nasal twang not too dissimilar to the Vasco Era’s Sid O’Neil. But even combined, Black Board Minds’ trio of vocalists possess nowhere near the Melbourne bluesman’s live-wire charisma. Song progression – characterised by a mushy bass-heavy sound that lacks any subtlety – feels equally leaden. The tambourinist’s creditable impression of the energiser bunny says it all: a manic distraction, it only serves to emphasise the act’s rawness.

Staring at Jeff Martin’s guitar rig, one entertains the possibility that it may contain more pedals than there are punters at the Hi-Fi tonight. And that’s not a dig at the crowd size – there’s plenty of the latter.

Martin’s admission during some mid-set technical issues – “it’s like trying to work the space shuttle up here” – feels like tacit validation, and one gets the feeling this massive contraption is the culprit of the early evening delays, and a longer-than-usual wait during the interval.

The downside of these delays is the flaccidness of the crowd. Curiously detached even as the band take up their instruments, they never seem to click with the band. Consequently, there’s too little of the energising feedback that can propel a “merely” good performance into something truly memorable.

For some musical styles, it’s irrelevant. But with the Armada squarely aiming for rock bombast, it’s a limiting factor.

The good news is that Martin and band are clearly “up for it”. It’s little short of jaw-dropping to simply watch skinsman Wayne P Sheehy’s pummelling drumwork. The intensity of sound is a whole order of magnitude more devastating.

Watching Martin, one is torn between appreciating his rich, pitch-perfect baritone, and admiring the almost-arrogant casualness with which he can pause and rip out a fiery solo. And, to the delight of the guitar nerds near the front, he does this often.

All the while man-mountain bassist Jay Cortez anchors the show with unflappable calm.

Several Tea Party tracks wedge themselves into the set, but the evening’s highlights draw themselves almost exclusively from The Armada’s self-titled debut. The sheer immenseness of opener Morrocco. The poignancy of Line in the Sand – even if the nuance-for-power trade-off is clearly felt compared to the “Live at the Corner” rendition. And the demented slide wizardry of Black Snake Blues, complete with a Led Zep excursion into Whole Lotta Love.

One exception is Winter Solstice, the Splendor Solis instrumental forming an spine-tingling acoustic one-two as it segues into new cut The Rosary.

After roughly 90 minutes, with The Armada closing out with another Tea Party staple Save Me, one is left with no doubt that the band has all the elements – strong songs and incredibly talented personnel. Once they iron out the kinks, they may just go on to conquer the world. Unlike the Spanish version.


Chinese Whispers
Line in the Sand
Coming Home
Winter Solstice/The Rosary
Black Snake Blues
Closing Down Blues

Save Me

Bands: The Armada –
Black Board Minds
Venue: The Hi-Fi Bar, Brisbane –
Date: May 10, 2009

Photo Gallery: JEFF MARTIN & THE ARMADA @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 10 May 2009
JEFF MARTIN & THE ARMADA @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 10 May 2009 and May 2009 Tour Dates
The East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival Byron Bay – BluesFest 2008 – images including Jeff Martin

Brisbane Sounds 09 @ The Zoo, Brisbane 23 May 2009

BRISBANE SOUNDS 09 @ The Zoo, Brisbane 23 May 2009

brisbane sounds 8:20 – 8:50 – THE MERCY BEATS
9:05 – 9:35 – NEW JACK RUBYS
9:50 – 10:20 – VEGAS KINGS
10:35 – 11:05- BLACKWATER FEVER
12:15 – 1:00 – SCREAMFEEDER

Brisbane bands are uniting in May to take the River City’s music to the rest of the world. A diverse selection of six of the bands featured on the Brisbane Sounds 2009 compilation will be coming out in support of the local scene and the project to shake the floors at the Zoo as part of the showcase.
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The Top 10 Artists have been chosen!

uncharTED    For the last four weeks Tooheys Extra Dry uncharted competition 1 2009 round 1 has been live and kickin’, showcasing the country’s Top 50 emerging artists, which were selected from over 2,300 entries. Round 1 has come to an end with the announcement of the Top 10 semi-finalists – as voted by you!

The Top 6 publically voted artists are (in no particular order) Sydney bands Bridgemary Kiss, The Falls, OnlyTheSeaSlugs and The Deer Republic, Melbournites Foxx On Fire and Perth band French Rockets. They will be joined by the four media pick bands, Brisbane band Ellington (The Music Network), Sydney-siders Death Mattel (MTV), Melbourne outfit Hot Little Hands (MySpace) and Sydney songstress Sui Zhen (Street Press Collective). This fine collection of Australian emerging artists are now waiting for your vote, and each has the chance to strut their stuff at this year’s Splendour In The Grass, as well as winning an artist development package worth $25,000! Visit to look at and listen to the Top 10, then vote for your pick of the pack.

The voting slates were wiped clean bringing all the artists to the same playing level for this round, so register and start voting to make sure your favourite semi-finalist has a chance of making it through to the Top 3 announced on 16 June. This time around there is SMS voting, an uncharTED mobile site and artists widgets that you can upload to your social networking profile, go to for details. You can submit one vote per hour and the more you vote, the more chances you have at winning prizes.
To vote, or get more information and exclusive content, visit, or the mobile site –

Hale and Pace @ Concert Hall, QPAC, South Bank, Brisbane 21 Aug 2009

Hale and Pace    Hale and Pace Concert Hall, QPAC, South Bank, Brisbane 21 Aug 2009

The highly entertaining and much loved duo Gareth Hale and Norman Pace return to stages around Australia. The madcap wit of this comedic duo have a unique rapport with the public and media alike, with each appearance and interview they provide a rollercoaster of cultural parodies and inventive character creations.

Hale says to expect all the favourites on this tour. “The Rons will be there, Jed and Dave, Billy and Johnny and songs that will tickle your fancy.”

“There will be lots of new material” says Norman Pace, “international poker player, and we will be poking fun at anything that moves….or stays still. Members of the audience will also have a chance to star in the show.”
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Paniyiri Greek Festival 2009, Brisbane JULY 4 & 5, 2009

Paniyiri… it’s all Greek to Brisbane!
Hellenic hospitality at its best – JULY 4 & 5, 2009
Paniyiri, Queensland’s signature celebration of all things Greek and Queensland’s largest cultural festival, prepares to deliver Hellenic hospitality at its best over the weekend of JULY 4 & 5, 2009 at Musgrave Park and The Greek Club & Convention Centre in South Brisbane.
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ABBE MAY & THE ROCKIN’ PNEUMONIA Announce “Hawaiian Disease” EP Release and Tour – June 2009

ABBE MAY & THE ROCKIN’ PNEUMONIA Announce “Hawaiian Disease” EP Release and Tour

Abbe May    HAWAIIAN DISEASE effects one in every four band members! usually the drummer, but not always so…

Blues siren ABBE MAY and her explsove band THE ROCKIN’ PNEUMONIA have it bad! The Hawaiian Disease EP is a rollicking and inventive blues rock release what will make you both dance and blush at the same.

From one of Australia’s most prolific artists, this limited edition Ep is a collector’s dream, complete with pineapple slice disc! A six track taste of ABBE MAY‘S powerful blues, topped off with her uniquely beautiful cover of a Tom Waits classic.

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TALONS are touring nationally with REGULAR JOHN! – June/July 2009

Talons are hitting the road as main support for ol pals Regular John on their
“The Peaceful Atom is a Bomb” National album tour!Regular John
[photo: Stuart Blythe]
Talons will also have released their self-titled album through RICE IS NICE on May 30th just as the tour kicks off. Talons are thrilled to have been asked to head along for the 13 dates to unleash new songs from their highly anticipated release on to the willing crowds.
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The White Album Concert @ Concert Hall, QPAC, South Brisbane, Brisbane – 6 Aug 2009

The White Album Concert    In 1968 The Beatles released one of the most diverse and compelling albums of all time.

Recorded in the months after The Beatles returned disillusioned from India, their manager dead, their break up in sight, and wracked with internal tensions, the double White Album was immediately hailed as one of the most extraordinary, powerful albums in the history of music: a work of unparalleled influence and brilliance.

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Sydney songstress Sui Zhen is media pick of The Street Press Collective

sui zhen    Over the past few weeks Tooheys Extra Dry uncharTED has been showcasing Australia’s Top 50 emerging artists, hand-picked from over 2,300 entries by our esteemed industry panel and A&R team. The competition 1 winning act will see themselves onstage at Splendour In The Grass 2009, plus win an artist development package worth $25,000. Register online right now and vote for your favourite artist – it’s the last week of voting, so get in there quick!


HOMONEUROTIC CABARET @ Judith Wright Centre, 5 June 2009

homoneurotic cabaret    Judith Wright Centre and Chris Maver Productions present

The comedy, colour, glitz and glamour of Queensland’s gay community and its stories will be celebrated in the world premiere of Homoneurotic Cabaret at Judith Wright Centre on Friday 5 June 2009.

Green Room Award winner Jacob Diefenbach joins an all-star Brisbane cast in Homoneurotic, which will “thoroughly entertain” audiences, says producer Chris Maver (The Fruit Tingle Cabaret, In The Pink).

“Homoneurotic is a great night out at the theatre; it’s entertaining, thought-provoking, subversive and full of comedy, controversy, colour, glitter and glamour,” Chris said.
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AC/DC the greatest rock and roll band on the planet, who have sold over 200 million records worldwide, return home to Australia in February 2010 as part of the Black Ice World Tour.

And IMC are beyond ecstatic to announce that their very own WOLFMOTHER will be joining AC/DC taking the role of special guests for this mamoth tour.

KARNIVOOL The ‘Sound Awake’ Tour : June 2009

karnivoolKarnivool fans around Australia continue to show their undying support for the band with news that the first show of the Sound Awake tour in Brisbane on Saturday June 20 at the Tivoli has sold out. A second Brisbane show to take place at the Tivoli on Sunday June 21st is on sale now. Both Sydney shows have now sold out. See full tour details below.
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SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS 2009 – Event & Camping Tickets Sold Out

Event & Camping Tickets Sold Out

Organisers would like to advise that at 10.15am today, Splendour In The Grass weekend and camping tickets to the 2009 event, taking place Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th July at Belongil Fields in Byron Bay, have completely sold out.

“’We are yet again in awe of the interest in Splendour, thanks to everyone for your support and embracing our ticketing process with its anti scalping features and carbon offsetting option.” said Event Producers – Jessica Ducrou and Paul Piticco
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