Greenfest 2009 Officially Opened

Friday 5th June 2009 – World Environment Day and the start of Australia’s largest free green festival – Greenfest 2009.

The official opening ceremony saw Lord Mayor Campbell Newman, Jack Thompson, Debby Cox, Summer Rayne Oakes and Nunukul Yuggera stating the importance of our environment and the initiatives and innovations that are being achieved and highlighted at Greenfest.
Greenfest is on at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens till the 8th June. It uniquely promotes the best of emerging music talent with some established masters amidst a sea of fresh energy and ideas. With over 50 acts on three stages, speakers, organic food, fashion, green-tech cars and 200 exhibitors, be sure to make it along, be informed and be entertained.
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Queensrÿche Australian Tour August 2009

Queensryche    Australian audiences will be privileged to witness one of progressive metal’s longest standing and successful bands when Queensrÿche return to our shores in August 2009. It’s only the second time in their 28 year career that they visit Australia, as part of a world tour promoting new album American Soldier. The tour, named Extended Suites: Rage For Order/American Soldier/Empire, promises exactly that: shows featuring a broad selection of tracks from these classic, and current, Queensrÿche albums.

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COG’s Sharing Space Goes Gold

cogalbumcover    When Cog kicked off the first show of their Between Ocean’s tour in Hobart last week, they had just received the news that their latest record Sharing Space had reached Gold sales in Australia.

Sharing Space was the bands most stressful recording experience to date, knowing their fans love it enough to break the gold sales barrier makes it all worthwhile.

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Greenfest 5-7 June 2009 Brisbane Map and Timetable

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Greenfest 2009
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Pony Up @ The Zoo, Brisbane – 19 June 2009

Pony Up return to Australia to promote their new album Stay Gold!

Pony Up    Laura Wills, Lisa Smith, Lindsay Wills and Sarah Moundoukas are Pony Up – or the Ponies as their friends often refer to them. The Montreal-based quartet formed on New Year’s Eve 2002 and upon developing a relationship with singer Ben Lee, released their debut, self-titled EP in 2005.

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ARIA Chart News, w/c 1 June 2009

Eminem’s album “Relapse”, already certified Platinum, has held at number one on the ARIA Album Chart for a second week as Black Eyed Peas hold at one on the singles chart with “Boom Boom Pow” for a third consecutive week, whilst chalking up four weeks on top of the digital track chart.

Green Day holds at 2 with “21st Century Breakdown” on the ARIA Album Chart this week, and it’s the touring artists who make a big impact on the top 10 – P!nk up to #3 with “Funhouse”, Lady Gaga up to #6 with “The Fame” and Pussycat Dolls up to #8 from 17 with “Doll Domination 2.0”.
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Sunday Selection – The Kidney Thieves : 31 May 2009

LifeMusicMedia’s Sunday Selection is your weekly view to a new or emerging Queensland Artists

The Kidney Thieves
The Kidney Thieves sound like a car-chase gunfight between a possessed gypsy and a vigilante clown, cruising the funk freeway at full throttle, leaving a trail of carnage and the faint odour of Parmesan.

Put simply, TKT are a distinctive, genre-busting act blending jazz, funk psychedelic, metal, classical, dance, tribal, latin, drum & bass and western influences. The music is technical, with tempo changes and complex time signatures, yet remains accessible, fun and danceable to a broad range of musical tastes. With a penchant for stage monikers and ludicrous song titles, a propensity toward random costumes and live visual projections, and a soft spot for instrumental epics, this group offers a wildly refreshing experience. The Kidney Thieves are as unpredictable as the name suggests – you can never be prepared or properly dressed for the occasion!
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Interview with Fredrik Saroea – Datarock

Interview by Stuart Blythe
datarock-smlWe caught up with Fredrik Saroea, lead singer of Norwegian punk funk band DataRock ahead of their Australian tour.

LMM: Your tour is in support of your latest release cd, can you tell us a little about the album?

Fredrik Saroea: The album is the best to happen mankind since the C64 and the international means to get through the financial recession.
LMM: How would you compare the album to your previous recordings?

Fredrik Saroea: It’s just the same, but better in all ways.
LMM: The “Give It Up” video looks like a lot of fun, how did that come about?

Fredrik Saroea: It came to us on a drunken evening but took a hell of a lot of work to make into a video. You won’t believe how many people were involved. And it’s filmed on location at the middle of the night, mid winters in freezing minus degrees. Even the stupid ass dancing became quite a challenge. And we’re doing this in front of a very serious choreographer surrounded by professional Swedish dancers and a big ass film crew. Next time we wanna pay tribute to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, “Beat It” & “Bad”, Toto’s “Rosanna”, Coppola’s “Rumble Fish”, Broadway’s musicals, “West Side Story” from ’61 and Romeo & Juliette, please stop us!
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Interview: Judith Lucy’s Not Getting Any Younger

judithlucy-smallJudith Lucy‘s Not Getting Any Younger
interview by Lisa Lamb.

Judith Lucy is one of Australia’s most popular comedians and one of few Australian comics to be invited to the Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival, twice. In 2009 she celebrates twenty years in comedy with her new show Judith’s Not Getting Any Younger.

Judith, you’re a single successful independent girl, is it time those men started battering down your door?
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diesel    In the great blues tradition of ‘Short Cool Ones’, the 1996 Gold-selling ARIA Award nominated blues release from diesel and Chris Wilson (under the Wilson diesel moniker), diesel returns once again to the studio and his roots to produce ‘Saturday Suffering Fools’.

Slated for a July 3 release through Liberation and comprising some

freshly unearthed blues gems and some original songs, the record features long-term diesel band members Richie Vez and Lee Moloney, as well as Bernie Bremond (ex the Injectors and an integral part of diesel’s musical history) and father Hank Lizotte, along with brothers Mike and Brian Lizotte on horns. Amazingly, Bremond returns to the fold more than 20 years after he and diesel first teamed up as the Injectors and moved from Perth to Sydney to seek fame & fortune in the late 80’s.

Today is Towel Day – May 25th – a tribute to Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams
[picture by Jill Furmanovsky]
   Towel Day is an annual celebration on the 25th of May, as a tribute by fans to the late author Douglas Adams (1952-2001). The commemoration was first held in 2001, two weeks after his death on May 11, and since then has been extended to an annual event. On this day, fans around the universe proudly carry a towel with them throughout the day. The towel is a reference to Adams’s popular science fiction comedy series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Full details about Towel Day

Take a photo of yourself supporting towel day and email it to – for inclusion in a “Towel Day” collage.
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ARIA Chart News, w/c 25 May 2009

In a two-way tussle for top spot, Eminem has debuted at number one with “Relapse” on this week’s ARIA Album Chart. It has earned him his fifth Australian number one, coming after only five days of sales, and a cumulative career total of twelve weeks at number one on the album chart. The only other act to achieve five number one albums this decade is U2. Green Day has debuted at #2 with “21st Century Breakdown”, their eighth album and seventh to hit the top 10 here in Australia, and it’s the first time since May last year that we’ve had new releases debut at one and two.

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Sunday Selection – SIAN EVANS : 24 May 2009

LifeMusicMedia’s Sunday Selection is your weekly view to a new or emerging Queensland Artist

Sian Evans    “Sure Sian’s Got a wonderful voice, dextrous guitar chops, lyrical prowess, is a looker and charming as hell……..but what about the positives?” – Tim Rogers……….

Thriving on the complexities of human behaviour and the simplicities of beauty in a philosophical shade. Moved by moments of magic. Excited by the possibilities of endless rhyming sequences created through rolling vals and syllabic rhythms. Best depicted as a contemporary synthesis of Urban Folk-Funk and Twisted Gypsy Jazz, it’s the new black of the evolving Australian Blues and Roots culture.

Born in FNQ, singer/songwriter Sian Evans has played numerous gigs along the East coast with an array of musicians big and small. Supporting the likes of Ash Grunwald, Deborah Conway, Tim Rogers, and guest with Clare Bowditch in her short career.
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Live Review – JEFF MARTIN & THE ARMADA @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 10 May 2009

Review by Stephen Goodwin for Life Music Media
Photo: Stuart Blythe
Armada - Jeff MartinArmadas, historically, take a long time to build. It’s something to do with the size of the whole endeavour. On the evidence of tonight’s outing at the Hi-Fi Bar in Brisbane, Jeff Martin’s version – like the venue itself – still needs a few rough edges knocked off before it can truly take on the world.

Even early, the omens are there. Punters are forced to mill impatiently in the street outside the Hi-Fi long past the advertised opening time. Then, after doors open, the wait for psych-blues tie-dye standard-bearers Black Boards Mind feels interminable.

When they do appear, the Fremantle-based five-piece compound matters by seeming determined to turn in a trainwreck. Maybe it’s nerves, but jarringly out-of-sync vocals utterly destroy the first song and a half.

Eventually their sound begins to cohere, the vocals acquiring a straining nasal twang not too dissimilar to the Vasco Era’s Sid O’Neil. But even combined, Black Board Minds’ trio of vocalists possess nowhere near the Melbourne bluesman’s live-wire charisma. Song progression – characterised by a mushy bass-heavy sound that lacks any subtlety – feels equally leaden. The tambourinist’s creditable impression of the energiser bunny says it all: a manic distraction, it only serves to emphasise the act’s rawness.

Staring at Jeff Martin’s guitar rig, one entertains the possibility that it may contain more pedals than there are punters at the Hi-Fi tonight. And that’s not a dig at the crowd size – there’s plenty of the latter.

Martin’s admission during some mid-set technical issues – “it’s like trying to work the space shuttle up here” – feels like tacit validation, and one gets the feeling this massive contraption is the culprit of the early evening delays, and a longer-than-usual wait during the interval.

The downside of these delays is the flaccidness of the crowd. Curiously detached even as the band take up their instruments, they never seem to click with the band. Consequently, there’s too little of the energising feedback that can propel a “merely” good performance into something truly memorable.

For some musical styles, it’s irrelevant. But with the Armada squarely aiming for rock bombast, it’s a limiting factor.

The good news is that Martin and band are clearly “up for it”. It’s little short of jaw-dropping to simply watch skinsman Wayne P Sheehy’s pummelling drumwork. The intensity of sound is a whole order of magnitude more devastating.

Watching Martin, one is torn between appreciating his rich, pitch-perfect baritone, and admiring the almost-arrogant casualness with which he can pause and rip out a fiery solo. And, to the delight of the guitar nerds near the front, he does this often.

All the while man-mountain bassist Jay Cortez anchors the show with unflappable calm.

Several Tea Party tracks wedge themselves into the set, but the evening’s highlights draw themselves almost exclusively from The Armada’s self-titled debut. The sheer immenseness of opener Morrocco. The poignancy of Line in the Sand – even if the nuance-for-power trade-off is clearly felt compared to the “Live at the Corner” rendition. And the demented slide wizardry of Black Snake Blues, complete with a Led Zep excursion into Whole Lotta Love.

One exception is Winter Solstice, the Splendor Solis instrumental forming an spine-tingling acoustic one-two as it segues into new cut The Rosary.

After roughly 90 minutes, with The Armada closing out with another Tea Party staple Save Me, one is left with no doubt that the band has all the elements – strong songs and incredibly talented personnel. Once they iron out the kinks, they may just go on to conquer the world. Unlike the Spanish version.


Chinese Whispers
Line in the Sand
Coming Home
Winter Solstice/The Rosary
Black Snake Blues
Closing Down Blues

Save Me

Bands: The Armada –
Black Board Minds
Venue: The Hi-Fi Bar, Brisbane –
Date: May 10, 2009

Photo Gallery: JEFF MARTIN & THE ARMADA @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 10 May 2009
JEFF MARTIN & THE ARMADA @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 10 May 2009 and May 2009 Tour Dates
The East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival Byron Bay – BluesFest 2008 – images including Jeff Martin

Brisbane Sounds 09 @ The Zoo, Brisbane 23 May 2009

BRISBANE SOUNDS 09 @ The Zoo, Brisbane 23 May 2009

brisbane sounds 8:20 – 8:50 – THE MERCY BEATS
9:05 – 9:35 – NEW JACK RUBYS
9:50 – 10:20 – VEGAS KINGS
10:35 – 11:05- BLACKWATER FEVER
12:15 – 1:00 – SCREAMFEEDER

Brisbane bands are uniting in May to take the River City’s music to the rest of the world. A diverse selection of six of the bands featured on the Brisbane Sounds 2009 compilation will be coming out in support of the local scene and the project to shake the floors at the Zoo as part of the showcase.
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