Review: The Kills @ The Zoo, Brisbane 30 March 2009

The Kills, Louis XIV @ The Zoo, Brisbane 30 March, 2009
Author: Stephen Goodwin

The Kills : V Festival @ Gold Coast : 29 March 2009

Normally, hitching your music and performance to a hotted-up click track would be a recipe for constriction. For stodgy, uninspired boredom.
A mere 60 minutes with Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart utterly destroys this perception.
For sure, dispensing with the rhythm section for an out-of-the-box click track is an anchor.
But, paradoxically, the song-to-song invariability it confers is freeing in the hands of the Kills. In fact, it’s not so much a deadweight as a barebones framework the duo inject themselves into with such physical and emotional extremity that it’s surprising their songs don’t simply burst.

It’s etched in the moment when Hince lazily sways back and, between riffs, thumps an extra layer of percussion into Kissy Kissy through the bodywork of his six-string.
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The Gin Club @ The Zoo, Brisbane 21 March 2009 Review w/ Hits, Danny Widdicombe

The Gin Club, Hits, Danny Widdicombe
The Zoo, Brisbane – March 21, 2009

Author: Stephen Goodwin

   The Gin Club

Floppy-haired local Danny Widdicombe croons “satisfy me” over and over like a mantra to the accompaniment of a drifting guitar arrangement. I’m in hearty agreement. His voice offers a rough-hewn country charm, but too often his finger-plucked tunes slide into frustrating aimlessness. Twanging excursions into the blues hold more verve, but the aggressive stomping of set-closer My Desire highlights the confusing patchwork of his offerings tonight.

Hits    “Hi. We’re Hits. Not that we have any.”

Hits are definitely the bastard stepchild of tonight’s bill. Wedged between the alt-country stylings of The Gin Club and Danny Widdicombe, the punk-rock five-piece detonates with the percussive force of a psychotic child throwing the biggest tantrum you could imagine.

Decked out from the waist-up as a sailor captain, the howling Evil Dick pilots this ferocious rock rebellion, ably assisted by the killer riotgrrl guitar licks and hair-raising backing growl of Tamara Dawn Bell.
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Brisbane Comedy Festival – Stephen K Amos

Brisbane Comedy Festival – Stephen K Amos
Author: Lisa Lamb

Stephen K Amos    Stephen K Amos is an outstanding comedian, his timing and delivery are impeccable. From the moment he dances on stage impersonating Beyonce, through to stories about growing up English, impersonating Aussie accents, performing in Adelaide in a venue / church and the horrors of Coon cheese. Your jaw will ache from laughing.

Amos’s new show is all about “Finding the Funny” in everyday life, seeking out the similarities between all people and making us laugh about them. His audience participation is second to none. Each night Amos selects someone to count how many laughs he can garner from his audience, setting new records each night. He has numerous comedy awards including Best International Comedy Award at the 2007 NZ Comedy Festival, Best Stand-Up at the

2004 Time Out Live Awards and a nomination for the Richard Pryor Award in 2004.

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Biffy Clyro @ The Arena, Brisbane 25 March 2009 – Photo Gallery

Biffy Clyro @ The Arena, Brisbane : 25 March 2009
Photographer: Stuart Blythe

Biffy Clyro @ The Arena : Brisbane 25 March 2009 - Photo: Stuart Blythe

Click the image below to view photo gallery…
Biffy Clyro @ The Arena : Brisbane 25 March 2009 - Photo: Stuart Blythe
[Photo: Stuart Blythe]
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Caxton Street Seafood & Wine Festival 2009 – 3 May 2009

Caxton Street Seafood & Wine Festival    Every year in Brisbane Australia, something exciting and flavorsome erupts throughout the course of one weekend. Fresh fish, melt-in-your-mouth prawns, and decadent oysters come together with a variety of wine and musical performances to create the iconic Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival.
Now in its 15th year, thousands of people are expected to swarm to Brisbane’s most famous party precinct in true Aussie fashion.

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Sunday of the Labour Day long weekend, this year’s Festival – to be held on 3 May – promises to be bigger and better with more delicious seafood, wine and a first-class line up of entertainment.

The event commences at 11.30 and features the finest Blues, Roots, Hip Hop Jazz and feature recording Artists across THREE stages By Day.

The 2009 Festival Line Up

KRAM – The Dukes of Windsor – Grace Knight – Kevin Borich (solo) – Tyrone Noonan & Palimpsest – Robbie James (GANGgajang -duo) – Kate Bradley and the Goodbye Horses – JIMMYZ (plus guest vox Kira) + 4Play DJs – OP25 ( featuring Daniel Amalm ) – The Winnie Coopers – Roger That – Mason Rack – Enacio – Omni Anti – Trouble Karma Flow – Latin Fire –Afrodisa – Soulzu – Dozzi – The Zookeepers.
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ALEX LLOYD Touring Nationally in May – @ The Zoo, Brisbane : 8 May 2009

Alex Lloyd    One of Australia’s most loved male artists, Alex Lloyd is coming home for a run of national dates throughout May. The tour will kick off at The Great Northern, Byron Bay on Wednesday May 6 and make its way around the east coast, before finishing in Perth on May 17 at the Fly By Night Club.

These shows will be the first in Australia for Alex since the release of his album Good In The Face of a Stranger. Looking forward to heading home and playing these songs to a local audience Alex said, “I’ve been playing around with these songs in small venues in London by myself and can’t wait to bring them to life in a unique way with my mates.” Joining Alex on tour will be long time friends Kinnon Holt on guitar and Ian Jones on drums. Both musicians having played alongside Alex since Black The Sun.

‘What We Started,’ Alex’s current single is at radio and TV now and is available for FREE DOWNLOAD for a limited time through Nova Radio Nationally

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Author: Lisa Lamb

This is a rockabilly rod and custom show celebrating the 1950s, with many things still held close to many people’s hearts, even after half a century. A time of innocence, cool hairstyles and sexy dresses. This is also the era of rock n roll, when modern culture discovered the joy of teenagers and open rebellion. No wonder people love it!

At this show you will find plenty of hot rods, drag cars, vintage bikes and low riders. Plus lots of pretty pin up girls, burlesque dancers, pin stripers, kustom kulture artists and of course last, but certainly not least some fine rockabilly bands including Corn Liquor playing their fine mix of hillbilly boys and rockabilly blues, its music that makes you want to get and dance, and stay dancing.

SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS 2009 : Dates & Venue Confirmed

SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS 2009 Dates & Venue Confirmed for Splendour’s 9th Year
Hola music fans! It’s time for your yearly rock n’ roll reminder so open your diaries and circle these dates.
   Splendour In The Grass

We’re delighted to announce that this year’s instalment of Australia’s much-loved SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS event will take place on SATURDAY JULY 25TH and SUNDAY JULY 26TH in
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Josh Thomas – More Josh Than you can Handle!

Josh Thomas    Josh Thomas is a Brisbane based stand up comedian and a very generous lover, fully hot in his V neck cardigans’, at the age of 17 Josh was the youngest ever winner of the RAW Comedy Competition. He also made the finals of So You Think You’re Funny, Edinburgh’s equivalent to RAW Comedy. Now he is 21 and helping his mother explore Online RSVP, which is like the schoolyard note service, for fifty year olds, and his own unsuccessful attempts at reaching puberty. Is it More Josh Than you can Handle?
Fortunately no, Josh is witty, funny and maybe a bit special in his humility. He warms up his audience by talking personally with them about their families,

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V Festival Map and Playing Times for Gold Coast – 29 March 2009

V Festival 09    ** V Festival 2009 Gold Coast Playing Times and maps



JEFF MARTIN & THE ARMADA @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 10 May 2009

Jeff Martin
[Photo: Jacinta Mathews]

*** LifeMusicMedia Photo Gallery: JEFF MARTIN & THE ARMADA @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 10 May 2009 ***
The Armada will celebrate the national release of their Eastern- fueled, Zeppelin-stained self-titled debut with a short run of launch shows around the country this May.

The Armada features “ferocious drumming demon” Wayne Sheehy (Robert Palmer, Ronnie Wood) Martin’s partner in crime, from Cork, Ireland whom he recorded the album with in 2008. The record was finished at “analogue wonderland” Poons Head studios in Perth, WA towards the end of 2008 and will be in Australian shops on Saturday May 2.

The Armada is a very big, dark, Satanic, sexual rock show, and I love that, it’s a big part of my personality.” says Martin. “The feedback has been amazing, from Tea Party fans and new fans. The Armada did a trial run in Australia in November, and you’d think that the audience for my music would get older. But there was young people everywhere — 20-year-olds getting into it and digging it because it’s just great rock ‘n’ roll music.”
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CD Review: Whimsical Fantasy

CD Review-Whimsical Fantasy

Spiky    This is the first CD from talented French composer Guillaume ‘Spiky’ Muller and it is astounding. Spiky trained in Piano & Musical Theory at the Castle Of Becheville Conservatorium France since 1995 and has the demeanor, passion and Gothic ambiance.. of someone who trained in a castle. Combining a dark and twisted universe influenced by Tim Burton or Terry Pratchett, with symphonic metal and a hint of chaos theory, it’s like an orgasm for your ears.
Opening with the powerful Void Factory. The CD focuses on the story of reluctant hero Nescii (meaning” ignore “in Spanglish language), his call to adventure is strange and often surreal, through different terrain, such as the Enchanted Grounds,

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Connect 4: PLAY @ The Valley Studios – 28 March 2009

The Valley Studios will be transformed into a kaleidoscopic extravaganza of music and interactive art Connect 4: PLAY. 4C Arts Collective has joined forces with a collection of Brisbane’s best emerging musicians, visual and performance artists to bring fun and mayhem.

Aural delights will be provided by some great emerging bands. Dot.ay’s highly experimental and creatively satisfying tunes will keep the dance floor buzzing, followed by Hunz, who combines visual art and music together in his unique live shows; Music will be seen; Art will be heard. Combine this with the raw rocking talent, high energy and tremendous tunes of Little Vegas and the Fuzz Parade and 4C has an undeniably stellar line-up.

   Connect 4 Play

All proceeds from Connect 4: PLAY will be donated to Backbone Youth Arts, one of Queensland’s leading Youth Theatre companies. Backbone Youth Arts supports, encourages and grows youth arts in Brisbane and is well known for its annual 2high Festival which provides unique and invaluable experience for festival and event management for young people with a passion for theatre, music and visual arts.


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