MUSE Australian Tour Announced – December 2010

  The Resistance lives on. After taking the nation with sheer force at the Big Day Out in January, MUSE will return to bring 2010 to a close with the biggest shows they’ve ever played in Australia – pulling out all the stops to bring their entire, world-class arena production Down Under for shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

“MUSE’s sound was made for arenas, stadiums and festivals, not bloated but just huge – an awing supermassive black hole that sucks one into its gravity well of power.”
(Hollywood Reporter, April 2010)

Five albums in, the rock galaxy occupied by English trio Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme is ever expanding – beginning with a spark on 1999’s Showbiz, sending shockwaves across the solar system with Origin of Symmetry, Absolution and Black Holes and Revelations, and most recently erupting with the big bang of worldwide No.1The Resistance. How could it possibly get bigger? MUSE always finds a way.

During January’s Big Day Out, MUSE left thousands upon thousands of punters stunned by green lasers, silver pants, robot armies marching across giant screens and a hit-heavy set that envisioned rock’n’roll’s symphonic, glittering future, pumping out everything from Uprising to Supermassive Black Hole, Starlight, Plug in Baby and the awe-inspiring Knights of Cydonia.

“Space age stadium act MUSE proved just how tight, focused and uncomprising three blokes with a love of psychedelic rock can be. With a dazzling light show thrilling a massive crowd, even doomsday anthem Time is Running Out sounded uplifting and euphoric.” (, January 2010)

Since then, they’ve conquered Coachella, where their “entire set was dialled to 11”, said Entertainment Weekly, and their “light and pyro show was worthy of its own slot,” said MTV. They’ve begun a triumphant lap of the European summer festival season (which will include a Saturday night headlining slot at Glastonbury. U2 and Stevie Wonder will headline the other nights. ’Nuff said). The MUSE juggernaut rumbles on through Europe playing maximum capacity at stadiums and festivals and they return to Australia to fulfill a promise to deliver their full European and US arena production show at long last.

“Impressive, and at times, breathtaking.” (The Vine, January 2010)

MUSE’s music has always been big. Now they’ve got the live show to match. “Even when we were playing pubs and clubs, people would say to me the music had an epic quality to it,” says Bellamy. “Then, when you get to a certain level, like arenas, when you get into that environment, people expect something more. So I think you can pull all the stops, ’cos you’ve got literally 20,000 people, they can hear you and they can see you, but you want to throw some balloons at ’em as well!”

Expect something more? Expect MUSE. Join the growing numbers of the resistance this December, and bear witness to the greatest rock extravaganza the universe has ever seen.

And look out for the brand new radio single ‘Neutron Star Collision Love is Forever’.


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SYDNEY l Thursday 9 December l ACER ARENA
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Presented by triple j, Video Hits, Channel [V], FasterLouder l Tickets: Ticketek 132 849 or

PERTHl Sunday 19 December l STEEL BLUE OVAL
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