Music Review: Cody Parks & The Dirty South – Thunder Cash 69

Review by Peter Coates –

Thunder Cash 69
Released – 20th Jan 2023

This is a raucous mash-up of White Zombie’s Thunder Kiss 65 and Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues, which on any regular analysis of current musical trends, should not work at all.

Cody Parks & The Dirty South style themselves as a “country metal” band from Nashville, that literally blends both genres in their music. Sometimes they like to do unique versions of cover songs for their live set, and Cody told me that he’s always played Folsom, but one day when they were rehearsing it, they figured we needed to make it more unique, because everyone plays the same ol’ version of that song. One of the guys started playing the Zombie riff and the rest was history.  It started poppin’ at shows and on the socials, so they figured what the hell…let’s record it!

The guys are releasing a Covers EP titled Smothered And Covered in the near future, and Thunder Cash 69 is the lead track from that EP.  The opening riff is a crusher and Cody and the band’s twin guitarists play it true to the White Zombie version, with the lyrics for Folsom Prison Blues laid over the top very neatly.  There is a ripper of a solo after the first refrain, and a second one after the next verse / chorus.  The Dirty South are a super-tight heavy rock band, with Cody providing the deep southern drawl in the vocals, and I have really been enjoying the handful of releases that the guys have put out over the past couple of year, with Seminole Wind and Girls And Gasoline being favourites.  

As described by Trey Bonner from Raised Rowdy, Cody Parks & The Dirty South aren’t your typical Nashville Country act.  They can better be described as Def Leppard on Cornbread!”

The new track will be available on all your usual streaming services from Friday 20th Jan.  Check him out.

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