[Me] Online Fan Giveaways

  For the whole month of May, [Me] is running a Live Music Month giving away a free live track each week for a month.

You’ll receive a download each week and access to a community page to share your thoughts on the tracks with other fans!

Each download includes exclusive cover art hand drawn by Steve Walker. When the covers are put together they create a poster! Collect each week, print them out and create your exclusive mosaic.

Here’s what to expect:

Week 1: ‘Like A Fox’
Week 2: ‘Your Favourite Colour’
Week 3: ‘Nip And Tuck Me In’
Week 4: ‘Slow Children Run’

Simply click the ‘Download Now’ button to the left and enter your email address. You’ll instantly receive the latest track and be added to the list to receive them all.

[Me] is also offering fans who ‘Like’ the [Me] Facebook page a whole pack of free and exclusive material from the band.

The pack includes:

A free download of ‘Carousel’ mp3 from [Me]’S debut EP, ‘NAKED’
Exclusive access to a fan-only video for the track ‘NAKED’
A 10% discount for online purchases
Free download of an exclusive desktop wallpaper designed by Ken Taylor

Click here to find out more: http://www.facebook.com/metheband?sk=app_144828945586143