Live Theatre Review : The Gremlins

Review and photos by Amanda Lee Starkey
The Gremlins at Anywhere Festival, Brisbane - May 6, 2016 Photographer: Amanda Lee Starkey
Take your seats and buckle up, your flight is about to take off. To the rear are the exists, to the front is the toaster and kettle. For in-flight entertaining you will be serenaded by Pencil on the accordion. Fancy some in-flight shopping? Then a fire blanket is just what you need.

Tonight you’re a passenger on- board the maiden voyage of Airlinius Hipopataemus as Roxoff Gromlott along with his sister Mofball, half- brother Gargrov and of course Pencil otherwise known as The Gremlins take you on an epic adventure of story telling, slap stick comedy and general misbehaving.

Ladies and gentlemen, (and bambinos) you will be required to participate in the maiden launch so give over your token and your inhibitions as we all attempt to get this plane off the ground. You might be needed to help get the power back on or catch a flying spud but your participation is needed for this special event so be ready to take part.

To keep prices low and affordable The Gremlins have pieced together an aircraft out of bits of junk, a Toyota Prius engine, toaster, kettle and an intercom that tends to break down. The power runs on obscure poetry and when it goes out the passengers are called on to assist Pencil in wailing to get it back on. There is traditional potato throwing prior to take off so be sure to duck if you don’t want to get hit by a flying starchy vegetable. Bread will be served as in-flight meals because if the plane catches fire at least we will all have toast.

So sit back, try not to relax and enjoy the first ever attempt as The Gremlins prepare us for take off. Where we will be going and if the plane will actually take off is anyone’s guess. One thing is for sure it is certainly the most entertaining flight most of us have taken in quite some time and one that all of us are glad to be on.

Thank you for choosing to fly Airlinius Hippopotamus where the only thing lower than our prices is the altitude

Bent Schematic presents The Gremlins
Red Hill Skate Rink – Brisbane Australia
Friday May 6, 2016