Live Review : The Screaming Jets at The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle – December 19, 2015

Review: David Jackson
The Screaming Jets at The Cambridge Hotel
Dave Gleeson is a proud Novocastrian and The Screaming Jets remain one of Newcastle’s best exports. There may have been some turbulence and band changes over their 30 year history but when the band comes home everyone turns out to show their support.

The current line up consisting of Dave Gleeson, Paul Woseen on bass, Scott Kingman on guitar, Jimi Hocking on guitar and Micki Sayers on drums. The band as a unit is well seasoned and Newcastle is the highlight. The crowd was large, over 400 cramming into this sweaty venue the birthplace of a lot of great Newcastle rock and roll. The 19 song set uncovered no real surprises and a lot of pub singing. Gleeson was loud, proud and at times crude but we all knew that before we went there. His open dislike for the packaged 5 minute legends that are made via television today is unmistakably clear. Gleeson is a man who wears his heart permanently on his level. If you want to get my respect in this industry you have to go out there and earn it just like we did.

For me Kingman and Hocking on guitar are always a pleasure to watch, Wossen has lost nothing and Sayers was at the top of his game. There was no way this band would bring anything else to a Newcastle table. A highlight from left field was the Cash classic “Folsom Prison Blues” and watching all the young ones sing it. Perhaps they thought it was a Jets penned classic. Great show!

Song list

Automatic Cowboy, Grip, Here I go , Stop the world, Cmon, Sex & violence, Dream on, Helping hand, No place no home, Shine on, Sad song, October, Sick & Tired, Disappear, Smack in the Mouth, Shivers, Better

Razor, Freeworld

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The Screaming Jets at The Cambridge Hotel