Live Review | The Rise Of Brotality Tour @ The Hi-Fi, Sydney – September 14, 2014

Review by Scott Singh
the ghost inside
Not many people can say they’ve spend a good chunk of their Sunday night listening to a diverse group of metal & hardcore acts. Luckily, the faithful who venture out to The Hi-Fi in Sydney don’t have that problem. Bands from three nations united to put on an impressive display of talent and vigor. It proved to be one of the best nights held at The Hi-Fi.

First up and unfortunately for the last time, Heights appeared on stage to let loose a relentless barrage of deep growls and prolonged chugging. The band gave off an aura of indifference, really not giving a damn for the stage, the setting or the venue. It was their last time to perform for their fans and they made sure the night would be owned by them and them alone.

Finishing the set Alex Monty leapt over the barrier and proceeded to finish within the heart of the moshpit. Fans swarmed in fluttering like hungry birds all after the same crumb. They couldn’t pull themselves away, even after the set had ended and it was time for the band to say farewell.

Next up was the most unique sounding band of the night, Hellions knew how to put on a show and really got the crowd moving. Probably the band who adopted the brotality idea to heart, their set consisted of members of the crowd taking a shot at the lead vocals and when that opportunity passed, the security guard threw in his two cents to really get the crowd going.

With fast rhymes and even faster instrumentals backing lead Dre Faivre, the band speed through their set. Not evening stopping to take in the chaos they created within the moshpit.

With the night well on its way, it was time to unleash the heavier bands upon the eager crowd. UK outfit Bury Tomorrow ruled the stage with an iron fist. If you were told to move, then for your own safety you better have done so.

Combining a favourable mix of clean vocals and screams, fans seemed to be more familiar with the offerings of this band than they were previous acts. Of Glory saw the crowd tear one another apart in an onslaught of circle pits and a staggering wall of death.

A notable part of this band is bassist Davyd Winter-Bates who made sure he was not overshadowed by any other member of the band. Drawing the crowd in, instructing them when to move along and then falling back into his own groove. He provided light on the importance of an active bassist in a performance.

Ending their set with Lionheart the boys ensured that their love for metalcore would seep through this final number. Deep growls, fast paced chorus and deafening percussion made this number a standout in their performance.

Now, let us dim the light and fall into darkness, it was time that In Hearts Wake came out and welcomed the fans who have helped in their rise to fame. Coming off the release of the new album, the set did favour the new material but saw no complaints from the crowd.

Well timed breakdowns and support synth tracks opened the floor for people to let loose and mosh to their hearts content or even just bop along to the songs as they were played.

The solemn number Wildflower was the only instance where the crowd remained stationary and it was out of pure respect for the subject of the track. It was a promising sign to see the respect the crowd showed for a band who were so open to share the inspiration behind their track.

All in all there support acts helped limber up the crowd for our co-headliners and to really put the people to the test was I Killed The Prom Queen. As a veteran of our hardcore scene, expectations for their performance were high, it’s just a shame they weren’t high enough seeing as the band easily smashed them.

Launching into Thirty One and Sevens, circle pits soon consumed a majority to the floor to the extent that it was unavoidable for someone, not to be a part of it. Though new material was well received, it wasn’t until the band dipped into earlier tracks that the crowd rushed to the barrier in an attempt to get as close to the band as possible.

Once Your Shirt Would Look Better With A Columbian Neck-Tie started it was the perfect build up for a finishing number in the later part of the set. The suspension from the prolonged kicks of the drum and then the sudden drop into the breakdown pleased so many metalheads in that swift movement.

For an established act, their set was tight from start to finish and please all degrees of fans from other who wanted nothing more to unleash in the mosh, to those who are happy to watch on the sidelines.

With this we come to our final act of the night. The Ghost Inside, presented a lighter tone in their set and presented a theme of unity in their actions. Unspoken saw the chorus outshine the verses during this number as fans made it their mission to lend their voices to the stage.

Catchy lyrics, hyperactive band members and a more punk rock vibe than absolute hardcore allowed for the band to rise as a unique offer for the night. Jonathan Vigil presents a screaming style that shares similarities to Jeremey Mckinnon which in the context of this band and their sound, it works out really well. In fact when they showcased a new track Out Of Control this comparison was quite present in the song.

Regardless of this, The Ghost Inside did in fact bring unity to the night. We all gathered to film part of their new music video, we all gathered to harmonize in the chorus of every track we loved and even more so we all gathered under the same ideals and principles that the band holds dear.

To bring forth the end of the night, the band satisfied fans with the crowd favourite Engine 45. The track drew out any remnants of energy the crowd had an expelled it within one final, all-encompassing moshpit. The sight was remarkable and luckily enough fans documented this event so that those who didn’t come can enough the intensity of it from the comfort of their home.

There was definitely a movement tonight, a joining of fans under the umbrella of brotality that ensured everyone made the most out of their night. Fans were either drenched in sweat, trying to re-claim their hearing or even coming to terms with the fact the show brought them into the early hours of the next day. Despite all this, it was a refreshing experience to see so much talent gather to put on a unforgettable show.

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