Live Review : The Kills at Enmore Theatre, Newtown – 26 July 2016

Reviewed by Meghan Player
The Kills - Photo Credit Kenneth Cappello
This time of year in Australia always heralds an influx of phenomenal bands gracing our shores for Splendour in the Grass; which ultimately means, killer sideshows.

For those that choose The Kills as their priority tonight, there is little doubt that the right decision has been made.

As the band casually take to the stage, front woman Alison Mosshart begins to stalk back and forth; like a tiger hunting its prey. This woman means business, and the fire that ignites in the crowd from that moment on is something to behold. The game is officially on.

Opener No Wow sees the unquestionable chemistry of Mosshart and guitarist Jamie Hince taken to the next level; their performance styles intertwining to create a formidable wall of sound.

Song after the song, the Kills continue to build up on this ethereal city of noise, before artfully destroying it all in a sea of crunching guitars and pounding drums.

As they launch into DNA, the crowd receives a metaphorical drop-kick to the chest, as the band once again prove that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Doing It To Death, Whirling Eye, Pots and Pans and Fried My Little Brains all make the set list tonight, aiming to touch on all eras of the bands vast and versatile career.

But truly, what makes the performance exceptional is the bands focus on the music, and the energy that it itself creates.

There is no reliance on grandiose theatrics or confetti being blasted from the ceiling; it’s about a straight-up, no bullshit rock show.

And for tonight, we need to drop to our knees and bow at the feet of The Kills.